Item Wife Beater Wife Beater
Wife Beater


Levels 7+.


+30% Small Speed Speed and +30% dodge bonus.


Always (passive).


"I feel much more free in my vest."

Item Wife Beater Wife Beater is high-tier Small Equipment Animated Equipment (acquired after unlocking the Skill of the same name) which can be used in two of three equipment slots available per Btl Troopers Trooper. It grants 30% bonuses to both Small Speed Speed and Small Dodge Dodge. Unlike most other equipment, it has a visual effect on the owner.

Due to this equipment being bugged, and taking an additional equipment slot which are incredibly valuable, the item is considered to be more trouble than worth. Especially with it being high-tier, meaning that due to progressively growing costs every upgrade has to be picked carefully to maximize combat effectiveness, which is far from being applicable to Wife Beater.


  • There are multiple reports of troopers not equipping the item with one more free equipment slot available. Because of the bug, the vest takes two equipment slots. Encountering this bug you can try to sort equipment with "Re-equip" button. If it's not available due to having less than 4 items, copy the link of the "Upgrade for <level_price>" button into the address bar and replace the line "levelup" with "equip".


  • The skill's name was changed to "Wife Beater" in the English version from "Débardeur Bruce" in the French one, which can be roughly translated as "Bruce's Tank Top", possibly a reference to Bruce Lee.


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