Wpn Water Pistol An unnamed water pistol is a not featured or not yet discovered Gen HandgunHandgun weapon, found on the client's sprite sheet. There is no icon for it, however, which could mean that the weapon was cut during early stages of development.


  • Helm Saboteur Saboteur's description alludes to the weapon, meaning that initially weapons wielded were supposed to be replaced by actual water pistols, most likely dealing little to no Damage. From a point of balance, losing a weapon is bad enough, but being stuck with a useless weapon (e.g. not switching to an operational one due to having a water pistol wielded) means the end of it, hence the probable decision of cutting the feature out. Notably, the feature'd be extremely fun to witness, but people with any sense would avoid all saboteurs altogether.
  • Water pistols is a recurring theme among other Motiontwin games, for example see Site hordes Die2Nite.
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