And here it is, Gallade's ultra-special Skill Review, with a grade out of 10 for their usefulness.

Specializations (Helmets)

Icon Name Description Comment Vote
Skill Comms. Officier Comms Officer +1 Btl Communication Communication for each level-up.

Communications are extemely helpful on the field. Orders such as Retreat, Commando and Solo Mission can shift the tide of battle in your favor, so having better Comms than your enemy can prove vital.

Skill Doctor Doctor Heals a teammate 5 Small Health PointsHealth Points +1 additional HP per level-up. Immune to poison and paralysis. Dotors are helpful, but they can only use their healing skills when they get their turn and only on troopers at close range. This, along with the frequent killshots, make his usefulness marginal until he gets his hands on Savior or Healing Grenades. 6
MunitionsIcon Munitions Reloads munitions for a teammate when reinforcements arrive. One per level-up. Doubles the frequency of use of grenades. Munition Men are pretty useless in short battles like normal ones or infiltrations, but prove vital in those where endurance is necessary, such as Extermination and Raids. Plus, they keep troopers from ditching combat vehicles when they run out of ammo, which is just as good. The grenade use frequency rate is a nice bonus. 7.5
Pilot Pilot Increases the chances of deploying a vehicle by 25% every level up.

The Pilot is an extremely luck-based class. It can take several level-ups for a combat vehicle to appear in its available skills, but once it does, the Pilot becomes a force to be reckoned, and can be expected to deploy even Helicopters or Medium Tanks most of the times if at a high enough level.

Saboteur Saboteur +1 Btl Sabotage Sabotage for each level-up. Useful in all battles except Exterminations, a good number of Saboteurs in an army can take a huge chunk off the enemy's firepower, often stripping down weaker opponents to their fists. 8
Scout Scout +1 Btl Deployment Deployment bonus (20 maximum). When strength in numbers is what makes the difference, the Scout is a good choice. An army with vehicles can use a pair of them to make up for the extra deployment cost, and thus avoid sending in vehicles without enough support to keep them safe. The only downside is that they have no special abilities whatsoever once they actually get to fighting. 6.5
Soldier Soldier For each level, 'Trooper' gets an extra Small Health PointsHealth Point. The best choice for all-round troopers, and an overall increase in survivability thanks to the negation of a headshot and extra Life. The extra damage to hand-to-hand skills give them an edge in close quarters. 8.5
Spy Spy

'Trooper' appears in the enemy camp. +50 Small Initiative Initiative (+10 more for each level-up).

The Spy is a mixed bag. In larger battles, they are unpredictable (since they target one specific enemy wave, and the battle can be lost before they get to attack) but against small armies they can hinder the enemy a lot, causing friendly fire and attacking at close range. Unfortunately, it is exactly because of this that the Spy rarely survives such infiltrations- 5.5


Please note that more sophisticated vehicles require more Btl Deployment Deployment Points to be successfully fielded.

Image Name Effect Additional information Comment Vote
MotorCycle icon Motorcycle Takes you within range of closest target. Most common of the vehicles. Can be found on level 1 recruits. A good choice for troopers with any weapon, since even with long-range guns, the extra Initiative gives them a shot at the enemy right away. 7
Light tank Light tank The light tank comes equipped with a light cannon and a machine gun. Uses - Btl Deployment2 Handy for support purposes, though unpredictable on non-pilots, it still makes for an occasional extra firepower on your side, expecially since it can shrug off most damage. It is utterly defenseless against grenades and rockets, though. 7.5
Heavy Tank Heavy Tank The heavy tank comes equipped with a cannon and a machine gun.

Uses - Btl Deployment6

Requires - Btl Deployment8

This juggernaught is as powerful as it is elusive. Its thick armor laughs at all but shotguns and explosives, and its weapons can decimate several waves with some help.The large deployment cost can be mitigated by using Scouts or waiting for a Support order. 9
Helicopter Helicopter The helicopter is equipped with a double machine gun. Uses - Btl Deployment2 Whilst more fragile and with less firepower than a tank, the helicopter can avoid most enemy fire and, with the help of munition men, stay afloat for quite a while. The trooper manning it can only join the battle on its own if he's shot down and survives though, which means some combat skills will be wasted. 7.5
Jet Fighter Jet The jet bombards the battlefield until it runs out of fuel. The trooper does not appear in combat. Covering fire in the form of a short, but powerful bombing run is extremely useful. While it costs you a trooper, it lets you gain the upper hand by taking down several enemies without exposing the trooper before having to fly off. 9.5


Key: Dam = Damage per bullet, Bur = Bursts or bullets per round, Crit = Critical or chances for killshots, Rec = Recovery time, Cap = Capacity, Shots = Total shots, Total = Total damage (Damage*Bursts),


Image Name Dam Range Crit Aim Rec Cap Shots Comment Vote
Shotgun Shotgun (De) 5-8 4 x10 150% 150 1 4 The default shotgun. Pretty slow, little ammo, and not all that powerful. 4
Skill Double-Barrelled Shotgun Double-Barrelled Shotgun 5-10 5 x10 150% 150 2 6 Overall upgrade over the default. Not much to say. 5.5
Pump Action Shotgun Pump Action Shotgun 5-10 4 x10 150% 90 1 6 The automatic reload and improved speed make it handy for close-range troopers.It can cause quite a carnage. 6.5
Scattergun Scattergun 4-12 4 x5 150% 100 1 6 It has a wildly wide damage range, but can damage enemies in a wide arc with only one shot, potentially scoring a killshot or two. 6
SemiAutoShotgunIcon Semi-Auto Shotgun 5-10 4 x10 150% 70 4 8 The fastest shotgun and also the one with the biggest clip and spare ammo. Good choice for spies and those with enough initiative to get close and personal with the enemy. 7

Assault Weapons

Image Name Dam Bur Total Range Crit Aim Rec Cap Shots Comment Vote
Skill Assault Rifle Assault Rifle 2-3 3 6-9 2-6 x5 80% 100 9 18 Default weapon. Slow and inaccurate, expecially at long range. 4
Skill AK47 AK47 2-3 4 8-12 2-7 x10 100% 100 12 16 A step up from the default. The extra burst and clip size let it provide good sustained fire. 5
Skill FAMAS FAMAS 3-4 3 9-12 5 x10 90% 50 9 18 The only automatic weapon that lets troopers shoot at point blank, and also the fastest gun. Peculiar and useful. 6.5
M16 M16 2-3 3 6-9 2-6 x10 80% 80 12 18 Almost identical to the default, except for the larger clip and better crit chance. 4.2
Thompson Thompson 3-7 3 9-21 2-6 x10 80% 80 9 18 It has high damage and piercing bullets, making it ideal to counter armored troopers and tanks, and mow down everything else. 7
UMP UMP 3-4 3 9-12 2-6 x20 100% 80 9 18 An automatic weapon with a pretty high critical rate, useful for providing covering fire. 5.5


Image Name Dam Total Range Crit Aim Rec Cap Shots Comment Vote
Pistol Pistol 2-3 - 7 x5 90% 100 3 4 Don't expect anyone armed with this to kill anything. Or hit. Or get the chance to shoot. 2
Skill Beretta Beretta 3-4 - 8 x10 90% 50 4 8 The fastest gun, tied with the FAMAS. Can kill unarmored targets fast, but will burn through its limited ammo supply just as quickly. 5
Skill Desert Eagle Desert Eagle 4 - 10 x10 100% 100 4 8 Fixed damage, large range, good aim and armor piercing property make it OK for most targets, from snipers to tanks. 6
Skill Dual Pistols Dual Pistols 3-4 6-8 8 x10 80% 100 8 16 Double the guns, double the fun. Their terrible accuracy is made up for by their potential to hit several targets, expecially with Burst skills. 5
Revolver Revolver 4-6 - 9 x10 75% 120 6 12 A very useful weapon that, when it connects, can knock down and away targets from a distance, leaving them open for a finishing shot. It also starts the fight fully loaded. 6.5


Image Name Dam Range Crit Aim Rec Cap Shots Comment Vote
Sniper2 Sniper 4 3-max X15 150% 100 1 2 It is almost guaranteed to hit all but the most evasive targets, and scores killshots easily. But it can only shoot twice, which isn't enough to kill a single trooper without bonus damage or a killshot. 2
Skill CK-Magellan CK-Magellan 3 2-max x25 150% 65 6 12 Despite its low damage, it needs a smaller secure zone, is faster than the default and actually holds enough bullets to last for a while. 6
LizaroJungle Lizaro Jungle 5 3-max x20 120% 100 2 4 The polar opposite of the Magellan, it sacrifices aim, speed and clip size to deal some more damage. 3
MOS-TEK MOS-TECK 6-7 3-max x25 150% 120 3 6 Large damage, easy criticals and fairly large clip. Slow, but can put a big dent in anything. 6
SparrowHawk SparrowHawk 3 3-max x50 300% 100 1 4 The bane of troopers everywhere, it has the highest critical rate of all weapons and hits almost infallibly. It can only hold one bullet and has four total shots, so you'd better hope the trooper makes them count. 7

Machine Guns

Image Name Dam Bur Total Range Crit Aim Rec Cap Shots Abilities Vote
Skill Comanche Auto Comanche Auto 3-4 6 18-24 6 x5 90% 60 18 36 A balanced machinegun, it has reliable damage, good aim, and is oddly fast for a heavy weapon. 7.5
Skill Gatling Gun Gatling Gun 3-6 5 15-30 7 x5 70% 110 20 40 Its high power and short bursts help comserve ammo, it's otherwise unremarkable. 6.5
Heavy machine gun Heavy machine gun 3-4 8 24-32 6 x5 70% 150 22 44 The defensive trooper's favourite, it comes pre-loaded, shoots a long burst and has a large supply of ammo. 6
Minigun Minigun 2-3 6 12-18 6 x5 100% 80 22 44 More accurate but less powerful than its cousins, it's somewhat fast, which is good given its large clip size. 5.5


Image Name Dam Range Crit Aim Rec Cap Shots Comment Vote
Skill Bazooka M1 Bazooka M1 8-15 3-max x1 100% 100 1 2 Accurate and fast, but it only has two shots. With some luck, they're usually enough to take down several troopers, though. 6.5
Skill Bazooka M25 Bazooka M25 6-12 3-max x1 80% 120 3 6 Somewhat inaccurate, weak and slow, but has a large supply of ammo. 5
Infernaltube Infernal Tube 14-28 3-max x1 95% 150 1 1 The damage is devastating. It can take out a tight group of enemies or a light tank in a single shot, if the trooper manages to fire it.A one-hit wonder that has the potential to turn the tables. 9
Rocket Launcher Rocket Launcher 8-15 3-max x1 80% 120 1 3 It is light enough to not encumber the trooper, but doesn't really have much to its offensive potential. 6


Image Name Dam Range Crit Aim Rec Comment Vote
Knife Knife 2-4 1 x10 120% 40 It can be hard to use, with it being a melee weapon and all, but its fast speed can quickly spell doom for anyone that comes in range of a knife-wielder, as he doesn't have to waste turns aiming or reloading.Certain skill combinations can make it even deadlier. 8


Note: Any equipment uses one equipment slot and each trooper only has 3 slots available.


Image Name Effect Comment Vote
Skill Explosive Shells Explosive Shells Fires up to 6 shells, doubles damage. Excellent choice for snipers and shotgun, slightly less for automatic weapons. It can make battles a lot easier, expecially against tanks. 6
Hydroshock Shells Hydroshock Shells All bullets fired are 4 times as likely to result in a killshot. An unlimited, large boost to critical chance. What else is there to say? 8
Paralysing Shells-Icon Paralysing Shells Bullets will paralyse the enemy Paralysis makes enemies both slower and easier to hit, taking off some of their offensive and defensive edge.Useless against Medics. 7.5
Toxic shells Toxic shells Fires up to 3 toxic shells which poison the enemy It's a limited ability, but if the shot inflicts enough damage and the poison isn't resisted or healed, it can guarantee a one-hit kill. 6
Skill Armor-Piercing Shells Armor-Piercing Shells Bullets will not be stopped by enemy Small Armor armor. While this makes the trooper deal extra damage to tanks, and bypasses helmets, heavy armor and bulletproof vests, it still doesn't void their killshot resistance. The fact it takes up a slot also means it potentially robs you of a slot for more useful equipment. 4


Image Name Dam Area Comment Vote
Skill Fragmentation Grenade Fragmentation grenade 1-5 ? It counts as gunfire against all those caught in the blast, and can trigger all related effect (such as special ammunition and killshot chances). Basically, a hands-free attack. 7
Skill Grenade Grenade 6-12 ​​2×2 Run-of-the-mill explosion. Between the blast and falling damage, it can kill most weaker troops, and even put a dent in a tank. 6
Skill Flashbang Flashbang Blind ? Extremely effective for defense, as blind enemies will rarely score a hit, giving you a breather. 7
Skill Gas Grenade Gas Grenade Poison ? The poison is enough to kill regular trooper, and is effective against rats as well.Beware of Medics.


Skill Glue Grenade Glue Grenade None ? Makes all troopers affected lose initiative, leaving them open for an additional attack. Rather useful.


Shock Grenade-Icon Shock Grenade Disarm ? The bane of rocket launchers and snipers, all troopers caught will have to lose time scrambling to get their weapons back. An effective diversion. 5.5
Skill Clown Grenade Clown Grenade None 1 The decoy isn't really resistant, but enemies with slower weapons will lose time switching targets none the less. 5
Skill Grenade Benie Grenade benie 12-24 3x3 An improved version of the normal grenade. It can reliably kill even troopers with Life improvements, and its large area of effect can hit even scattered troops. 8
Skill Healing Grenade Healing Grenade Heal 3x3 The occurrence of having several wounded soldiers on the field isn't common, but it has some use as a long-range heal if a Doctor has no patients in range.


Skill Black Hole Grenade Black Hole Grenade Max 2x2 Elusive and incredibly powerful, it instantly kills anyone caught in the blast, no buts and ifs. 9

Other Skills and Equipment

Image Name Effect Comment Vote
Unforgiving-Icon Unforgiving Always do maximum damage to an opponent you've already hit. Automatic weapons will benefit from it the most, expecially machine guns, since they have a widely variable damage. 6
Skill Faceboot Faceboot When engaging an enemy in hand-to-hand combat, you kick your opponent in the face. Good for anyone that gets caught in close combat, it deals decent damage and can be followed up by stomps or gunfire. 7
Skill Fists of Fury Fists of Fury +1 dmg for punches, 50% chance of making the opponent drop their weapon. When a trooper is down to fisticuff, he's as good as dead anyway. Unlike martial arts skills, regular punches are extremely ineffective, even with the extra damage. 3
Wrestler-Icon Wrestler Throws the opponent in hand-to-hand combat. An upgraded version of Faceboot, it deals large damage and temporarily stuns the enemy. Tossing them around can also disrupt their formation. 8.5
Skill Charge Charge Charges at a nearby enemy Yet another close combat attack, it has the distinct advantage of being usable from a long range, making the trooper cut distance and attack at the same time. Soldiers get a huge boost to this skill's power. 9
Smart icon Smart 3 choices when leveling up. Counter effects of Propaganda , Bait and Pink Grenade . Half chances of being Btl Sabotage Sabotaged. When building the perfect skill set, this makes the job infinitely easier. It counters some specific skills as well, so the trooper will also be more effective in combat. 10
King of Boules King of Boules Grenades thrown never miss their target. For troopers who rely on high-level grenades to thin out the enemy, this makes for a good addition. 7
Skill Biped Biped No penalty for moving targets. Good for stationary troopers to stop close-range enemies on their tracks. It takes up a slot, though. 6
Laser Sights-Icon Laser Sights +80% improved Small Aim Aim. Good use for a slot for anyone with inaccurate weapons, expecially rockets. 7.5
Skill Eye of the Tiger Eye of the Tiger +50% improved Small Aim Aim with firearms. Smaller bonus than Laser Sight, but doesn't take a slot. 7.5
Skill Heat Sensor Heat Sensor +20% Small Aim Aim bonus, "Troopers" bullets cannot be dodged. It takes a slot and has a smaller bonus, but it helps deal with evasive troopers. 6.5
Skill Barrel Extension Barrel Extension +1 Range bonus +10% Small Aim Aim bonus for all weapons. This can significantly extend the range of most weapons, from machineguns to pistols, while negating the penalty for firing from a longer distance. 6
Skill Compensator Compensator Halves the Small Aim aiming penalties for successive shots. Reduces waiting time after a shot by 30%. An addition that works with burst weapons, though the extra speed can be welcome on any slow weapon. 5.5
Skill Cold Blooded Cold Blooded Takes aim twice as quickly. Hands-free upgrade that makes it easier to take aim again if the target is lost or the shooter loses focus. 7
Vicious Vicious You aim for parts that have already been injured. Any regular gun will benefit from it, enough said. 7.5
Skill Heartbreaker Heartbreaker Chances of inflicting a fatal shot to the heart multiplied by 3. This skill outweighs the critical protection from the Bulletproof Vest. Best used on snipers. 6
Skill Anatomy Anatomy Chances of a fatal shot x2 , increases the chances of hitting your favourite body part. Not only it increases criticals, but is also increases the chance of hitting a vital area. 8
Skill Blind Fury Blind Fury No line of sight penalties, not affected by blindness. Pretty meh, but can keep a rocket launcher from causing friendly fire. 5
Skill Covering Fire Covering Fire When you are in firing position, you return fire immediately. Best used on troopers who can dodge or resist some fire, it lets you retaliate against quick troops. 6
Loader Loader The weapon selected is automatically reloaded. It is, basically, extra ammo for whatever weapon the trooper has equipped. The reload is instant, to boot. 7
Nimble Fingers Nimble Fingers "Trooper" operates weapons twice as quickly and loads his weapons 2 shells at a time. Weapons with large clips can be fired faster thanks to this. 7
Juggler Juggler Change weapons instantly. Only good for troopers with several, different weapons. 3
Unshakable2 Unshakable Being hit does not affect performance. Pretty useful for weapons that take a long time to aim. 5
Twinoid Twinoid +500 Small Initiative Initiative and poison yourself The poison isn't enough to kill a trooper by itself, and doesn't do damage until the trooper has used up the Initiative completely. 8
On point On point Takes their turn before the others (+200 Small Initiative Initiative). Extra initiative is always good. 9
Skill Frenetic Frenetic When you defeat an enemy, +200 Small Initiative Initiative. If used on a trooper that can kill several enemies, it can give him a lot of time to prep his next shot, kill more troopers, causing a vicious cycle that doesn't end until all enemies are wiped out. 9
VendettaIcon Vendetta +50 Small Initiative Initiative on teammate death If you bring along a lot of cannon fodder, expect this to trigger often.


Sprinter icon Sprinter +100% Small Speed Speed. More speed to get in and out or range. Handy. 8
Survival Instinct Survival Instinct +50% Small Speed Speed when a trooper drops below half of his life points. Smaller bonus than Sprinter, and only triggers at a certain point. 7
Skill Enthusiastic Enthusiastic +25% Small Speed Speed as long as a trooper isn't wounded. It only works at the beginning, but if the trooper can use the speed boost to take out enough enemies, it can be worth it. 5
Thermos of Coffee-Icon Thermos of Coffee +25% Small Speed Speed. Takes up a slot for a modest increase. Not that good. 6
Skill Adrenaline Adrenaline Every shot that misses you makes you quicker. For an elusive trooper, this can let return fire after an attack, but it's still luck-based. 5
Zigzag Zigzag When "trooper" moves around, he will dodge half the shots fired at him. Couples well with Hyperactif and Adrenaline. The only downside is that it will mess up the trooper's aim somewhat. 6
Rush Rush After moving "Trooper" Can immediatly fire. Moving and firing in one turn gives a good extra edge. 8.5
Trigger Happy Trigger Happy +1 extra shot burst from any weapon. Empties clips faster in exchange for extra power. Not too bad. 7
Tailgunner icon Tail Gunner Fire 2 more bursts from an automatic weapon. Empties the clip even faster, for even more attack power. Great on machineguns, since they have ammo to spare anyway. 7.5
Nervous Nervous "Trooper" Ocassionaly empties his whole clip. It can backfire often, leaving the trooper open for retaliation at best, and causing friendly fire at worst. 2
Stamp Stamp "Trooper" Tramples his enemy twice as quickly. Troopers trample enemies only when they're knocked down (and thus can be finished off with anything, anyway). Getting near a downed enemy also makes the trooper prone to friendly fire. 3
Skill Death Grip Death Grip +1 damage with fists. Never drops weapon, Doesn't lose target. The fist damage is negligible, but never dropping the weapon and undisruptable aim are good bonuses. 6
Last Mohican Last Mohican If "Trooper" is last man, empties clips and doubles damage. It rarely sees any use, but when it does, the extra damage can help evening the score before the Mohican gets taken down. 6.5
Hyperactive Hyperactive +50% Small Speed Speed and will run interference on the enemy. Troopers with this will waste a lot of time running around, but they'll be hard to hit.Coupled with Rush, it makes for a speedy killer. 7
Skill Amphetamine Shot Amphetamine Shot +100% Small Speed Speed for 500 turns. Takes an equipment slot, but the boost is large and lasts a lot, without side effects. 7.5
Wife Beater Wife Beater +30% Small Speed Speed and +30% dodge bonus. It takes up two equipment slots, but the benefits help a lot in more than one way. 7
Hurry-Icon Hurry +10% Small Speed Speed and doubles the frequency of use of powers and equipment. Most activated skills draw benefit from this, from grenades to martial arts. A must-get for high level troops. 8.5
Skill Bounce Back Bounce Back When <Trooper> is knocked down, he takes no Fall Damage, gets up immediately and gains +100 Small Initiative Initiative. With many sources of knock-back and knock-down damage, this skill can save a trooper from certain death and set them up to return fire at the same time. 8
Skill Battle-Ready Battle-Ready All Weapons belonging to <Trooper> are fully recharged before battle. Extra ammo for all weapons, and makes them last more before having to reload. Pretty good overall. 8
Rucksack Rucksack After moving once. "Troopers" weapons are fully replenished Piece of equipment made useless by Munition Men. 3
Restless Restless When any trooper moves "Trooper" Gains +200 Small Initiative Initiative. Extra Initiative at the beginning of each wave. Neat. 8
Martyr Martyr When "Trooper" dies, 5 reinforcements join, with +150 Small Initiative Initiative. Great for a surprise attack, if you have enough troops to pull it off. 8.5
Skill Binoculars Binoculars Enemys next trooper -400 Small Initiative Initiative. It summons an enemy and delays their next turn. A Scout exclusive that is only useful for pulling potentially dangerous enemies and overwhelm them before they have a chance to show up with support. 6
Radio Radio +1 Btl Communication Communication bonus. It counts as one extra level of Comms. Officer. Not that good. 2
Talky-Walky Talky-Walky "Trooper" Calls for backup immediatly. Summons one extra Trooper on your side. Sometimes useful as it can spawn a vehicle without extra deployment cost. 7
Out of Bounds Out of Bounds If "Trooper" Isn't in a vehicle, he can spawn without Btl Deployment Deployment cost. Having an extra trooper being able to join in is good, but not that good. 5
Reverse Attack Reverse Attack The enemy Btl Deployment Deployment capacity is reduced by 2 points. It's activated whenever the enemy calls for reinforcements, making it so that two fewer are called (at least 1). Good for countering surprise attacks and mantaining an advantage in numbers. 7
Skill Commander Commander +1 battle per day. (+2 max) It means +1-2 Credits earned per day. It would take well over a year to make up for the expense. 0
Occupation Occupation "Trooper" Earns 1 T everyday The actual effect is that the trooper won't move back when the enemy deploys a new wave. Marginally useful for close range fighters and spies. 4
Skill Saviour Saviour <Trooper> takes a dead soldier to the reserves and heals them The only way to revive a trooper in the middle of combat, it also reloads their weapons and makes them able to receive healing again. 8.5
Scavenger Scavenger Recovers enemy weapons then fires the weapon. Taking an enemy's weapon to use for yourself is useful, but this could also be wasted on a sabotaged weapon. 7.5
Voodoo Doll Voodoo Doll All enimies become "Cursed". The hex cannot be resisted and softens the enemy up a lot. 8
Skill Full Metal Balaclava Full Metal Balaclava Headshots no longer inflict double damage. +1 Small Armor armor bonus and halves the chance of taking a fatal shot to the head. Equipment that helps resist headshots, expecially in conjunction with helmets. 5
Skill Bulletproof Vest Bulletproof Vest +1 Small Armor armor, and halves the chance of taking a fatal shot to the torso. Won't do much if the enemy goes for the head or limbs. 4
Heavy Armor Heavy Armor reduces damage sustained by 1 and reduces Small Speed Speed by 20%. Slows the trooper down, but protects all body parts. Works well with speed bonuses to negate the penalty. 6
Skill Hard Boiled Hard Boiled "Trooper" incurs no further penalty when seriously injured. Adds a great deal of endurance potential, negating extra damage, performance drop and killshot chance when damaged. 7
Lucky Charm Lucky Charm A fatal shot will still leave you with one life point instead of dying. It only works once. Rapid, small attacks (like Poison and automatic fire) will bypass it. 3
Skill Dodger Dodger The first shot fired is automatically dodged... Like Lucky Charm, but it works for the first hit and doesn't take up a slot. 5
Tuck &#039;n&#039; Roll Tuck 'n' Roll "Trooper" will roll on the ground to avoid getting hit. It avoids all damage that would be taken when rolling, though it doesn't block added effects like poison and paralysis. Also it is triggered at random. 6
TakeCovericon Take Cover! When reloading, 50% of shots fired at trooper are missed. Troopers with weapons that need a lot of reloading will benefit from this the most, expecially with other dodge bonuses. 7
Skill Camouflage Camouflage Shots at trooper miss 20% of the time. Chances of being targeted reduced. Great for troopers that you just have to keep alive. 7
Huge Calves Huge Calves +3 Small Health Pointslife points, +25% movement Small Speed Speed. Speed AND endurance, in one package. 8
Sturdy Sturdy +3 Small Health Pointslife points, No penalty with heavy weapons. Lets a trooper carry as many heavy weapons as they want without slowing down. 8
Skill Brick S---house Brick S***house +3 Small Health Pointslife points, and anyone behind "trooper" will benefit from added cover. Great for front-liners. 7
Skill Commando Commando +5 Small Health Pointslife points. More Life, more resistance. Straightforward. 7.5
Skill Bait Bait +8 Small Health Points Life Points, becomes the highest priority target and easier to hit. A huge Life bonus. If stacked with other survival skills, it makes the trooper incredibly hard to take doen 8
Heavyweight Heavyweight +10 Small Health Pointslife points -20% Small Speed Speed. Lots and lots of Life. Stacks with Huge Calves for a net increase in Speed. 8
Skill Fall Guy Fall Guy If "Troopers" vechicle is destoryed damages sustained is divided by 2. Pilots will find this useful, since it lets them continue fighting without much hassle when their vehicle is taken down. 7.5
Invincible Invincible Cant be killed by a normaly fatal shot. The ultimate survival skill: NO Killshots AT ALL. 10
Suspicious Suspicious +200 Small Initiative Initiative for every enemy Helm Spy Spy, cant be hurt by teammates, can't be Btl Sabotage Sabotaged. Counters a variety of tactics, and avoids friendly fire too. 8
Skill Friendly Fire Friendly Fire Shots and grenades by "Trooper" Dont hurt teammates. The opposite of Suspicious, this is good if you have grenades, automatics or similar area weapons. 8
Skill Crybaby Crybaby Reinforcements are called even if you're still alive. Won't happen often, and the net effect will be having one extra trooper on the field. 5
Interception Interception "Trooper" throws back any grenades. The interception range is pretty wide, and it can save your tight formation of troopers from certain doom. 8
Survivor Survivor When reinforcments arrive "Trooper" gets back up with 1 lp. The trooper using this will be allowed to make one last stand, but will be killed just as easily if not rescued soon 7
Skill First Aid First Aid Gains up to 50% of their Small Health Pointshealth at the end of the round. If a trooper can survive one wave, this will help him survive the next. 7.5
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