Win The Third English Server Cup Win

Tournament Timetable

Sign up is now open.
09/02/13 Sign up closes. Brackets prepared.
11/02/13 Tournament starts, round 1.

Sign up list

# Army Player Link
1 Blade of Dawn Xtremekiwi
2 The Talentless Comody
3 Good Gentlemen Nauris
4 camper2013 45424
5 TheAnnyingOrange Persona-
6 Soul Stealer NoNsToPxs
7 Children of Damn BlackBear
8 vkmkm23 kirvis
9 tesc #4 fighter #2 Golem
10 Radical Karma ebisan
11 exuberant Junkzy


The winning player will receive their choice of either 10 new recruits or ownership of the prize army.

The top 3 contestants in the tournament will all receive recognition in the wiki Hall Of Fame.

10 recruits

The winner may choose to have 10 recruits instead of the prize army. All 10 recruits will be sent to any one army link of their choice. There is no guarantee on the quality of these recruits or their date of arrival.

The Prize army


Level 1, smart, sniper. Nothing more. Recruited under The Party-loving Hermits .

Password set, mission locked, the trooper has never been named. This account has over 5,000 credits and over 40 recruits (including 7 coms and 2 sab).

Good as a quick start for a new player or as a gift to a friend.

Tournament Links

Sign up page

Rules and guidelines

Discussion page

The Brackets

The replay thread

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