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    July 22, 2012 by IcSLostInDreams

    From Deity to N-UBER

    By Earl “LostInDreams” Guevarra

    People, if you were expecting to see an “instructional manual” or a “strategy guide”, then go and rot yourselves in hell. In addition, if you wanted to see a memoir, then you might just as well pack your bags and move somewhere else. For this work is neither a basics book nor a collection of anecdotes; this is intended for all of US (me included) to see Mini Troopers (MT) from a different pair of eyes; to see beyond the rivalry, the records, and the whatnot; and to be able to see new perspectives “in-game” and “away from keyboard”, that is, AFK!

    The game

    Everyone who has played this game at least once should have gained some rudimentary knowledge of MT’s basics. And going to the basics mean …

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    Hi guys, this is IcSLostInDreams, and I'm happy to be part of this community!

    More post coming soon! See ya!

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