I'm gonna be posting bug or glitches I find in here, in my blog. {C}This just happened to me in a "Raid" during battle. A little bug or glitch, I don't know.
Battle Glitch 4

As you can see the trooper disappears from the field and the battle stops.

Another bug I found during "Raid" too again. This is similar to the bug they explain in "Fall Damage" about "Explosive Shells". The trooper in the Image gets throw off screen after a killshot with a "Explosive Shells" combined.(Not really a bug).
Off Screen3

Sniper Trooper gets throw out of the screen battle after getting shot.

In "Raid" once again this time is an instant defeat without deploying a "Trooper"
Defeat on raid

Defeat on "Raid" without a "Trooper" being deployed and no Spies involved either. "Derrota" means "Defeat" just in case you don't know.

Another one again on "Raid", I might as well change the name of this blog to "Raid battle bug?", this time I'm not going to upload a photo because the bug is simple. In the middle of battle the timer seem to have sttoped and the "Trooper"s as well. It's no like the first one where the "Trooper" sprite dissapeared and the game freezes, this time the "Trooper"s are still in motion but not action.

Guess what? Another glitch on "Raid", this time is about Ef Poison.
Poison Glitch

In the image you can see the Trooper taking damage from Ef Poison effect but it doesn't appear in his Stats Sheet.

The "Trooper "was shot with a "MOS-TECK" with "Toxic Shells", but the "Trooper" used "Tuck 'n' Roll" to avoid it, but it still got the status Poison but it didn't show in his "Stats Sheet"

As show in the "Tuck 'n' Roll" section by Zenrox.

Yep another glitch in "Raid" too. This one involve the "Skill" "Survivor" in witch the "Trooper" with the skill didn't got up in the next wave and dissapeared like dust.

Survivor Glitch

Trooper died, but didn't got up on next wave after dying once.

This time the bug is a little weird since it didn't happen on a "Raid", but in "Epic". Well this time the bug I will call it Living-Dead in which involve a Munitions-Man dying in a wave but gets up in the next one as if nothing happened.


Click to enlarge.

It's been a while since I have done anything here in the bug section, well right now I have this bug in a "Raid"(again) which involves a favorite skill, "Twinoid". What happen is that a "Scout" with a Twinoid deploys and uses Twinoid but didn't get any "Initiative" and everyone moves normal.

Twinoid Bug

Another bug which involves a "Motorcycle" and Hand-to-Hand combat or "Melee" combat. This bug freezes the game after a "Trooper" is still in his Motorcycle and gets punch which freezes the game.


Motorcycle punched which makes the game to freeze.

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