Also known as Pause  (previously known as AshleyWilliams) AW2

My Youtube Channel.

I spend time on this forum... Twinoid

I like to make gifs using gimp , it's free you should get it.

Copy of me4

Minitroopers 1 v 7

Minitroopers 1 v 7

My Favorite Skills

Smart icon Infernaltube Skill Cold Blooded On point

Nyan Tank

Nyan Tank


Hit list

The Dalai Farmers
The OK Lumberjacks
The Exploding Carrots
The Party-loving Hermits
The Order of the Sainted Trousers
The Wretched Individuals

One man army with propaganda Link



French Forum Spanish Forum

German Forum

MT CSS: CSS working

MT JS: js untested

H tank Talking about MT bot

For speed testing : The Choir

My to do list

Fix the speed texting page.

Remove skills from Soldier page.

Fix First Aid

Fix the ratio

Add voting on each skill? Test and ask in the change page.

Look into...

Other Words for Trooper

"Infantry" (plural) to complement

"troops" (excludes vehicles).

"Infantryman/-men" (excludes vehicles).

"Footman/-men" (excludes vehicles).

"Squaddie" (excludes vehicles).

"Serviceman/-men" (suits everything).

Gunman/gunner (weapon specific).

enlisted person, (not cool)

military person, (not cool)

Fighter (better suits MyBrute).

warrior (off theme)

conscript, (not common, potential confusion)

draftee, (not common)

Militaryman (stating obvious).

Guard/sentry (mechanic is not featured).

Guerilla (appropriate?, close to saboteurs).

Musketeer/man-at-arms/warrior (obsolete, off theme).

Enlistee/conscript/draftee/mercenary (terms of service are not specified).

Other Random Junk

Christmas Photo
4 treeops
Minitroopers Montage

Minitroopers Montage

Two Jets

Minitroopers Movie 2

Minitroopers Movie 2

Mini-troopers 125 Rats

Mini-troopers 125 Rats

Explosive shells tank
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