Lieutenant Commander Bongiato Axelio

aka Axelio Bongiato

  • I live in Canterga
  • My occupation is Rule an army
  • I am Male
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Pillo Pollo - doctor - vice commander (member of the Original Peppa)

Ciccio bastardo a letto

Fat Bastardo - doctor (member of the Original Peppa)


Happy Forest - saboteur (member of the Original peppa. He's the man who gathered the army for the revival)


geffri - munition man


Vitruvian Boy - saboteur (son of the Da Vinci's vitruvian man, which was in the Original Peppa. Half vitruvian, half portorican)


J.C. Krawler - soldier

Luckey Chan?

Luckey Chan - munition man (probably this it's not him, but he's quite similar)


Yawnmoth - pilot (member of the Original Peppa, well-known for his drilling hide tactic. But now is more sleepy)

Don patch!

Don Patch - saboteur (he claims to be the main character. But I am)

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Axelio Bongiato - scout - chief commander (member of the Original Peppa. Handsome guy)

  • I'm Lieutenant Bongiato Axelio, leader of the Peppa Revival's. This glorious army once was a Worms team (Peppa Special was its most legendary incarnation), now is gathered again to fight into another field. With old glories and brand new members, who's gonna stop the Peppers?
  • The Peppa Revival Army:
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