Im illume and i like editing....

Want a tut on signatures?

  1. Make a page like mine. 'User:Illume/sig' Makesure you just add 'sig' or anything else after your name. An easy way to do this is to go to your homepage and then at the end type '/Sig'

  1. Theres lots of signature designs around. Look at mine - quite simple and easy to use, it contains two links within two parts of text.
  2. Go on your prefrences. (Click on your name in the top right cornor then prefrences.)
  3. Then go to signature and click custom signature.
  4. Then in the custom box enter "SUBST:User:Illume/sig"
  5. Then add {{ to the left of the text.
  6. Then add }} to the right of the text.
  7. Replace 'Illume' with your username
  8. Replace the word sig with what ever you made the page name as in step 1.
  9. Woop!

Doesnt work? I think.

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