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16 Years old.



Plays since:

May 2011



  1. Doum [ ]
  2. Dr.Frenetic [ ]
  3. (French) Doumm [ ]

My favourite pages

My favourite skills

I'm not listing overpowered skills here

  • Skill Commander Commander
  • Skill Amphetamine Shot Amphetamine Shot
  • Wife Beater Wife Beater
  • Hurry-Icon Hurry
  • Rush Rush
  • Hyperactive Hyperactive
  • Last Mohican Last Mohican
  • Knife Knife

What I would change about this game

This section is about what I would change about minitroopers to make it better.

1. The first thing I would do is get rid of the current recruit system. Why? The answer is very simple: it's because it makes absolutely no sense. At the moment, the game is about getting the highest amount of recruits possible to get money. Getting recruits is basically the ONLY way to make money and keep the game interesting. The whole point of getting recruits is to get more people to know about the game but that's not what is happening at all. What is really happening is people who already know about the game trading recruits. And I won't even talk about the unfair advantages for those who use dynamic IP addresses. At least, they don't have do endure* the long process of getting 6 recruits per day (using the ROTH topic on all 3 forums).

I will continue this long text some day, when I'll feel like it... It's going to be a long text when it's completed.

To do list

  • Finish the "What I would change about this game" section.
  • Study on how having a motorcycle and a helicopter (on a pilot) can (maybe) change the chances of using the helicopter.
  • Understand how "vicious" works
  • Understand how "unforgiving" works
  • Get 12 troopers on Doum
  • Make Minitroopers Movie 3

Dr.Frenetic's Hitlist

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