Levels 1+.


When <Trooper> gets hit, it doesn't affect his performance.


Always (passive).


"I'll complain when the battle is over. Not before."

Unshakable is a passive Gen Ability.gif Ability. When a Btl Troopers.gif Trooper with this ability gets hit, it doesn't affect his performance. Therefore, any actions being carried out are not interrupted on taking Small Damage.gif Damage. This skill is especially useful for troopers armed with Weapons that take a long time to Small Aim.gif Aim. For example, to prevent your squad from being wiped out by a trooper armed with an Wpn Infernal Tube.gif Infernal Tube, you'll have to kill him in one shot, otherwise he'll fire the weapon and potentially kill your entire team. Additionally, any troopers with this ability will avoid getting Knocked Down by Weapons with the ability to knock down such as Shotguns and Revolver, and explosives like Grenades and Launchers.

The ability also counters the effects of the Item Black Hole Grenade.gif Black Hole Grenade. While the grenade will still eliminate all non-unshakeable troopers within the blast radius, troopers with Unshakeable will remain unaffected and unharmed.


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