Item Twinoid Twinoid


Levels 1+


<Trooper> gains +500 Small Initiative Initiative and Ef Poison status, poison takes 5 HP.


Occasionally (once).


"No pain, no gain."


Gen Ability Hurry.

Item Twinoid Twinoid is unlockable equipment which can be used in one of three equipment slots available per trooper. At some point during the battle the Btl Troopers Trooper will swallow the pill and gain +500 Small Initiative Initiative, at a cost of being poisoned. Poison takes 5 HP and after that poison status dissappears.
Minitroopers Twinoid

It is delicious.


A good addition to the Shock Trooper role, allowing a single trooper to inflict some major Small Damage Damage to the enemy, and letting the rest of the team to clean up, if there's anything left by then. Even in prolonged multi-wave battles losing one trooper to take out a wave is a reasonable trade. However, less suicidal troopers preferring long range engagements can be saved by a Helm Doctor Doctor.

The greatest productivity can be achieved when the trooper doesn't need to run or reload, as successive shots depending on Small Recovery Recovery require less time to aim while raining a volley of rounds. A Support Trooper armed with a fully loaded Wpn CK-Magellan CK-Magellan and Item Hydroshock Shells Hydroshock Shells is a sterling example. However, numerous Small Speed Speed boosts and lack of heavy weapons can effectively reduce time cost for running and Gen Knife Melee. And reload times can be negated with Item Loader Loader once per battle.

Counter Poison

As poisons do not stack the poison from aItem TwinoidTwinoid can replace the poison from the Item Gas Grenade Gas Grenade or from Item Toxic Shells Toxic Shells and vice versa. For more on this effect please see the poison page.


  • The Twinoid pill is used as part of Motiontwin promotion and it is a recurring theme among their other games, for example see Site hordes Die2Nite. This goes as far as a recently intoduced nexus for the games the company produces.


Knife V rats

Knife V rats

Item Twinoid Twinoid + Wpn Knife Knife

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