Tuck 'n' Roll
Tuck 'n' Roll


Levels 1+.


<Trooper> will roll on the ground to avoid getting hit.


Occasionally while being fired at(used only twice per battle).


"The key is to avoid puddles and mud. Oh yeah and mines."


Hurry-Icon Hurry.

Screen TnR

Tuck 'n' Roll is a low-tier Ability acquired after unlocking the Skill of the same name. It allows the Btl Troopers Trooper to perform rolls on the ground, avoiding sniper shots, automatic, rocket fire, and melee alike. It's also possible to dive out of line of fire while taking hits in case of long Small Burst Bursts; similarly the trooper can roll away even being down on the ground and shot at, in which case he will spring back to his feet immediately.

A very useful pick for any trooper, that can save lives pretty often and annoys the enemy. On top of that, footmen with such skill avoid Friendly Fire just the same. Statistically, most productivity can be achieved, when the trooper is facing automatic fire, since a single roll avoids the whole burst, and the longer the burst, the more ammunition is wasted by an enemy. Unlike Gen Ability Dodger, this ability is multi-use.



Picking up a weapon

Picking up a weapon

Picking up a dropped weapon with Tuck 'n' Roll.

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