Trigger HappyTrigger Happy
Minitroopers Trigger Happy


Levels 1+.


+1 extra shot per Burst from any Weapon.


Firing a weapon (Passive).


"Ooh, this thing's pretty sensitive."


Nimble Fingers Skill Battle-Ready Rucksack

Trigger Happy is a passive Gen Ability Ability available after acquiring the Skill of the same name. It increases the amount of rounds fired per Small Burst Burst by one. Quite useful for Assault or Shock Troopers, who usually need to empty their clips fast. Notably, usually semi-automatic weaponry can be fired in bursts of two rounds, which makes the skill incredibly handy for any small arms of greater Small Capacity Capacity and lesser Small Damage Damage. In contrast, the skill is of no benefit to firearms with a capacity of one (e.g. Wpn Shotgun Shotgun). Small Critical Critical-oriented troops waste ammunition just as well as those damage-oriented, so unless the squad has a few Helm Munitions Munitionmen, the skill has to be picked with careful consideration.

Despite specifically stating "any" weapon, this skill does not work with Gen Rocket Launcher Launchers or the Wpn Knife Knife.


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