Item Toxic Shells Toxic Shells
Toxic shells


Levels 1+.


<Trooper> fires up to 3 toxic shells which Ef Poison the enemy.


Not limited.


First 3 rounds in all bursts.


"You look a little off-colour there Roger. Are you sure you don't need a lie down?"


Toxic shells from the stat screen.

Item Toxic Shells Toxic Shells is unlockable equipment which can be used in one of three equipment slots available per Btl Troopers Trooper. First three bullets in a Small Burst Burst fired by the trooper Ef Poison the enemy, with unlimited supply.


Toxic shells are definitely worth looking at when selecting a skill for your trooper. It can kill your enemy when your shot doesn't exactly kill your enemy from your first shot. Low-level troopers can be taken out by a single shell, while high-level ones will be able to survive until the poison wears off. However, it can be countered by sustained fire.

A major advantage of this ammunition is that even missed bullets poison their targets, this successfully counters defensive countermeasures (e.g. Gen Ability Dodger and Gen Ability Tuck 'n' Roll abilities). Item Lucky Charm Lucky Charm's effect isn't capable to stop poisoning, either.

Lacking Item Gas Grenade Gas Grenades, for poisoning enemy troopers en masse, you can utilise Item Fragmentation Grenade Fragmentation Grenades, which have an Small Area of Effect Area of Effect, delivering poison to closely packed troopers. The same effect can be achieved by using Gen Shotgun Shotguns or Gen SMG/Gen Gatling automatic weaponry, but it's more risky to rely on.

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