This page contains some pointers on how to grow and manage a good army.They're not to be followed literally, but only to be used as guidelines.

Getting Started

When picking a starting trooper, it is best to analyze the choices given for your first trooper.
Trooper choice

Starting Troopers will always come with one out of four weapons:

  • Pistol:A rather fast, medium-range weapon that is however rather weak in terms of damage and not very accurate.
  • Shotgun:Suited for close-range combat, it is fairly powerful and can knock down troopers to inflict more damage, but the trooper will need to get close to the enemy before firing.
  • Assault Rifle:Shoots in bursts, so it can inflict several hits on the enemy.Good range and accuracy.A balanced weapon useful in many situations.
  • Sniper:A slow weapon with low ammo capacity, but has good power and has a high chance of inflicting Killshots, and makes it easier to targed body parts, making it very versatile, though it will make the trooper a sitting duck if the enemy gets too close or the meager 2-shot capacity is exhausted without managing to down the enemy.

Which weapon to take is entirely up to the player.Generally, the Sniper rifle is a good pick as it will easily kill enemies one-on-one, expecially if the trooper gains skills to boost their Initiative, while the Assault Rifle is suited for more mobile troopers.

Together with their starting weapon, all new troopers will have a randomly selected level 1 skill, that can be anything ranging from a passive perk, a piece of equipment or even a second weapon.Some skills, such as Smart or Sturdy, provide little or no immediate benefits, but will eventually pay off in later levels.

First upgrades

Troops can be leveled up once a day; newly created troops though can be leveled up to level 2 as soon as the player can get one single Credit.

Leveling up and recruiting more soldier is an expense that adds up quickly, so it is best to get a head-start by Recruiting more armies.The first 3 recruits will provide 200 Credits altogether (100+50+50), enough to add 3 more troopers (enough for a full deployment party, barring Scouts) and upgrade them to level 4-5.


It is best to consider the trooper's skills carefully when choosing upgrades.Survival (blue) skills are a good pick, as well as speed (yellow) upgrades.Having more than one weapon will help greatly against Saboteurs.

If a soldier starts out with a long-range weapon (Like a Launcher or Rifle) it is best to give them a close range weapon to defend themselves should an enemy manage to reach them.Smart is an invaluable upgrade, as it dramatically increases the chances of getting the right upgrade for the trooper.

Try not to get upgrades that interfere with each other, like Bait and Adrenaline, or that have no use like Juggler on someone with only one weapon.

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