The gameplay of Minitroopers has similarities with MyBrute (2009). In many ways the gaming engine for Minitroopers can be thought of as a child to MyBrute. Both games are developed by Motiontwin, have roleplaying elements using skill trees and also feature the same small dog (for some reason?).




Mysterious small dog



Advance Wars

The images used in Minitroopers seem to be taken from an older series of video games named Advance Wars. Advance Wars was first published in 2001 by Nintendo and runs on the Game Boy Advance.


Advance Wars and Minitroopers

The latest in this series is Advance Wars: Days of Ruin 2008 which bears little resemblance to minitroopers; however, the earlier versions have visual similarities that are undeniable.

It is unknown how these two games came to use the same images. It may be that Motion-Twin has bought the rights from Intelligent Systems to use their old unwanted images or it may be that Motion-Twin hired the same artist that was use for Advance Wars. We can only guess. Looking at the old Advance Wars images, we might make some guesses about the future of minitroopers.

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