Item Talky-Walky Talky-Walky


Levels 7+.


<Trooper> calls for backup immediately.


Occasionally {once).


"Guess where im calling you from?!"

Screen Talky-Walky

The Item Talky-Walky Talky-Walky is a piece of unlockable Small Equipment Animated Equipment that can be used in one of three equipment slots available per trooper. Once equipped, it allows the operator to call for backup without any Btl Deployment Deployment cost. This will deploy an additional Btl Troopers Trooper with little Small Initiative Initiative boost during combat in a similar fashion as the Helm Comms Officer Comms Officer's Gen Ability Support order.

The trooper deployed effectively has a Btl Deployment Deployment cost of 0. One advantage of the Talky-Walky is that the friendly trooper deployed can still use a Vehicle. The trooper may deploy normally or use a Motorcycle (which would otherwise be a Btl Deployment Deployment cost of 1), or the trooper may deploy using a Light Tank ( otherwise a Btl Deployment Deployment cost of 2). In this way, the Talky-Walky is similar to the Scout specialization.

The limits of exactly how much the Talky-Walky could save in Deployment cost is unknown. Whether or not the Talky-Walky could be used to deploy a Heavy Tank is still untested. If deploying a Heavy Tank with Talky-Walky is possible, then it would be a saving of 6 Btl Deployment Deployment points and a substitution for the 2 Scouts the would be needed otherwise.

One disadvantage of the Talky-Walky is that it may deploy an enemy Helm Spy spy instead of a friendly trooper. The Talky-Walky can be equipped in a Equipment slot twice if the trooper has the skill twice, and it may be used twice per battle as shown in the following example:



  • "Talky-Walky" is a translation artifact from French. In most other languages, it is "Walkie-Talkie".
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