Levels 7+.


+200 Initiative points per every Spy present upon Deployment. Invulnerable to Sabotage. Cannot be hurt by his teammates.


Start of battle; enemy spies deploying; Friendly Fire.


"Erm John, you didn't have a moustache this morning..."

Counter to:


Suspicious is an unlockable combinative Gen Ability Ability acquired after unlocking the Skill of the same name. It negates any chances of Btl Sabotage Sabotage or Friendly Fire, additionally granting 200 Small Initiative Initiative per enemy Helm Spy Spy deployed. A very handy pick, considering that it (think about it) practically counters one and potentially counters one more of eight available Specializations, and not just any replaceables, but two quite unique and popular ones. If that's not good enough, he can't be shot in the back by his squad-mates during close quarters such as Small Mission Extermination missions usually are.

Initiative points are granted as soon as any enemy spies deploy, giving first strike capability surpassed only by level 20+ spies (with no upgrades). Friendlies can still suffer from friendly fire themselves if the weapon is picked wrong.

Oddly, suspicious even seems to be available to Spies.

Note: The skill triggers when an enemy spy deployes together with the Suspicious trooper. Any survived enemy spy deployed on previous wave will not activate the skill when Suspicious trooper comes in new wave. The spy also needs to be deployed on the enemy side for the bonus initiative to take effect.



A spy giving suspicious initiative compared to a spy not giving suspicious initiative because he appeared on his own side.

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