Levels 7+


When Reinforcements arrive, <trooper> gets back up with 1 Small Health Points Life Point.


Next wave (Once).


"Hi guys! About bloody time you showed up!"

Survivor is an unlockable active Gen Ability Ability. Once acquired, it allows a Btl Troopers Trooper to get up after dying with 1 Small Health Points Life Point once the next wave of allied Btl Deployment Reinforcements is deployed.

Minitroopers Survivor

A trooper who got head-shot previously survived. Zombie much?


A two-fold ability.

On one hand, it can allow one of your troopers to live longer, and with luck inflict some more Small Damage Damage from closer range before dying for good. On the other hand, a survivor is easy to kill, and if Ef Poison effects were present upon death, they will be present getting up . However, in some instances, Helm Doctor Doctors upgraded with Gen Ability On Point are capable of getting survivors back into combat-ready shape.

Notably, rats take a great advantage of the skill, often getting up in close proximity to a trooper. If a survivor has Gen Ability Hyperactif, it's fairly capable of making things pretty ugly, which makes Small Mission Extermination of pesky rodents even more annoying.


  • If there are Helm Munitions Munitionmen present in the opposing team, when a survivor gets up, he is resupplied. This happens due to the ability working on any entities present on the battlefield; it can't tell troopers, rats, and bibis apart, as they shouldn't be alive by the time the new wave is deployed in the first place, hence the glitch.
  • If the trooper died from poison, he will briefly turn green and show the poison status after reviving, but will not receive any damage, although if the trooper died not too long after being poisoned, he may die from poison again after getting up.
  • If any trooper occupies the same space as a dead trooper with survivor, then the skill won't trigger.


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