Survival Instinct


Levels 1+.


+50% Small Speed.gif Speed when a trooper drops below half of his life points.


When Life Point is less than 50%.


"I don't know about you, but I don't plan on spending eternity here!"



Survival Instinct is an unlockable passive Gen Ability.gif Ability. Once the trooper's Small Health Points.gif Health Points drop below 50%, his Small Speed.gif Speed improves by 50%. However, it's generally not too useful in PvP battles, as your trooper will most likely be dead before he can take advantage of it. It can make a difference for Helm Soldier.gif Soldiers, though.

It is an entirely different situation in an Exterminate mission though. If activated and coupled with Frenetic it gives a Btl Troopers.gif Trooper a small Small Initiative.gif Initiative boost after every kill for the duration of the mission. This is especially useful for snipers with Munitions specialization.

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