Support Trooper is a defensive long- to mid-ranged strategy (or simply put, a role) available in MiniTroopers through means of specifically aligned upgrades. The primary task of a support trooper is to improve overall performance of an army through the means of various bonuses, equipment, and abilities. The secondary task is to provide covering fire for offensive Roles. And such they need to be shielded by less expendable units.

Naturally, support troopers favour Gen Sniper Rifle Sniper Rifles and Gen Rocket Launcher Rocket Launchers for covering fire and first strikes. However, they should always carry a backup weaponry if the enemy comes close or ammunition is depleted. But even then, deployed without front-line roles, support troopers are most vulnerable.

Support specializations are most numerous and diverse, not requiring direct presence in the current wave to boost global Stats. But once killed, advantages are lost along with the troopers.

Essential Stats

Helpful Stats

Most Suitable Classes

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