A stats sheet example of a level six trooper, without the "Rename" button.

The Stats Sheet is a Btl Troopers.gif Trooper management screen. It can be opened by clicking on any of your troopers in the box to the left from anywhere except the Battle Screen, or manually by typing "/t/<trooper_number>" after your army's link. Once opened, it shows all the unlocked Skills which you have selected after each level-up. It also has the options to Small Level.gif Upgrade, rename or re-equip your trooper, as well as choose some Options that affect AI behaviour in battle. Here are some more details on the buttons you can have access to:

  • Upgrade for <level_cost> Credit.png. Accessible with "?levelup=<trooper_ID>" added to your sheet's link. Once the upgrade screen is accessed, you can no longer go back and see skills the trooper has. Therefore, it is highly advisable to upgrade any troopers by opening the upgrade screen in a new tab/window. That way, you can see already acquired upgrades and select new ones based on what the trooper already has.
  • Rename. Accessible with "?name=<trooper_ID>&check=<army_ID>" added to your sheet's link, the check is used because you are only allowed to rename a trooper once. Obviously enough, this button allows to change your trooper's default name to your liking. The number of characters is limited to 12, with no special characters allowed. After the trooper is renamed, the button disappears.
  • Re-equip. Accessible with "?equip=<trooper_ID>" added to your sheet's link. The button appears when a trooper has accumulated more than 3 pieces of Small Equipment Animated.gif Equipment. The trooper can pick a preferred set for battles at hand, but only has room for only 3 at a time. Each push randomly swaps items available. They won't appear reordered in the slots at all, however, always being sorted by the order of their appearance. For that reason, re-equipping a trooper with less than 4 items has absolutely no effect.
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