These are the standard rules that apply to all minitroopers tournaments and do not need to be stated for each tournament. Most are common sense, some may be partly covered already by twinoid forum rules.

Standard Rules 1.0

1. Passwords

It is expected that all players will use a password. All contestants are responsible for their own security.

2. Challenger Replays

Only fights where you sent the challenge (are on the left) are allowed. Only direct challenge fights are allowed. Fights that end in BAT1/BAT2/BAT3 or MISS1/MISS2/MISS3 are not eligible.

3. Number of armies

Only one army per player is allowed.

4. Respect

Everyone is expected to RESPECT each other before, during, and after the match, game, and tournament.

5. Time of day

The exact start and end time for each day in any tournament is determined by the time in Paris France .

6. Rule breaking

Any rule breaking will be decided by the tournament organiser and any punishment will depend on it's severity. Punishment may range from deducting points, tournament disqualification, being banned from all future tournaments or being reported to a Twinoid forum moderator.

7. Participation

Participation is not mandatory for players who do not sign up (knowingly & willingly). Participation maybe mandatory for players who have signed up (check the rules for your tournament).

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