Level 6


<Trooper> appears in the enemy camp. +50 initiative points (+10 more for each level-up).


Start of the battle, new waves deploy


"The art of infiltrating the enemy camp and causing carnage before the battle has even begun..."


On point Skill Frenetic

Countered by:

On point Suspicious

Possibility of infiltration:

Talky-Walky Skill Binoculars Skill Comms. Officier("Support")

Helm Spy Spy is an unlockable helmet (i.e. specialization or class).


  • Deploys from the opposite side of the battlefield, starting in close range to hostile troops. Perfect for Shock Trooper tactic. In that case, he'd better be equipped with a fast-loading Gen Shotgun Shotgun or any Gen Gatling Machine Guns, the Wpn Heavy Machine Gun Heavy Machine Gun being highly recommended for its full load. The same result can be achieved with Gen Ability Battle-Ready. On the contrary, Gen Sniper Rifle Sniper Rifles and Gen Rocket Launcher Rocket Launchers will do him no good, as the spy will slowly move away, thus exposing himself with no actually useful result. Gen SMG Assault Weapons are a dubious choice as well since they cannot fire point-blank and somewhat pose the same risks, the Wpn FAMAS FAMAS being the only exception.
    • If the infiltration was a success, the trooper reduces the enemy's global Btl Deployment Deployment capacity by 1 for the current wave. However, it's not the issue if the trooper doesn't deploy with the enemy, such as fighting alone or manning a Veh Truck Vehicle.
    • As a bonus, all hostiles in close proximity are prone to friendly fire, and snipers are disrupted and will have to move away in order to aim and fire. The only safe way to counter an infiltrated spy is using Gen Handgun Handguns or Gen Knife Melee, Gen Ability Wrestler and Gen Ability Faceboot being the most easy to use means, as weapons require setting them as favourite first.
  • +50 Small Initiative Initiative (+10 with each level up) regardless of success of infiltration. Can do some damage to the enemy before they start their turns, depending on the level, but this can be countered with Gen Ability On Point or more savvy spies.


  • Spies do not always infiltrate the first enemy wave in a multi-wave battle. If all of your non-spy troops are wiped out before your spy has had a chance to deploy, then the battle will be over without the spy participating at all.
    Double spy

    The rather uncommon occurrence of two spies deployed in the same wave.

  • Not suitable for Small Mission Exterminate missions and less suitable for Raids than other specializations. Not only for the first reason but also because they have a chance of being deployed in any wave, no matter how early. There is a big risk of your good-for-nothing level 1-2 cannon fodder raid troops accidentally killing your much more useful spies in friendly fire, or failing to provide enough support for him to survive.
  • A spy with the Gen Ability Out of Bounds skill loses it's own advantage of decreasing the enemy's Btl Deployment Deployment capacity. Therefore, it is not recommended that a Spy take this skill.


The subject needs more observations, but here are some tidbits about successful infiltration, based on data available (some still need checking):

  • Fighting alone reduces the odds to almost none. Rare, but present. This might be a glitch as well. For that reason, there are instances of instant victory, when a spy is stuck in one of the next waves, leaving his enemies with no adversaries at all.
  • The number of enemy troops needs to be at least 3.
  • Multiple spies are less likely to infiltrate, while 1 can do so regardless.
  • Vehicles are of higher priority, and if a Spy should successfully field one, he will start from his own side manning the vehicle of choice.

A rare occurrence of a lone spy infiltrating the enemy wave.

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