Sprinter icon


Levels 1+.


+100% Speed bonus.


Always (passive).


"Faster pussycat, Kill, KILL KILLLLLLL."

Sprinter is an unlockable passive Gen Ability Ability. It permanently improves a Btl Troopers Trooper's movement Small Speed Speed by +100%. A good pick for anybody armed with middle- or close-ranged weapons.


A few examples show that troopers with Sprinter have a better bullet dodging rate when moving, which is quite similar to Gen Ability Zigzag.

A trooper with Sprinter does well in Defender style. He can quickly move back from the enemy's firing range, or move into the enemy's minimum firing range, to disrupt the enemy's Small Aim Aim and attack. The constant moving also gives a significant penalty to the enemy's Small Aim Aim.


It is well known that Minitroopers has many translation mistakes. This is the original French description for the Sprinter skill...

"+100% en vitesse de déplacement" the word for word translation of this would be...

"+100% in speed of movement".

This is suggesting that the Sprinter skill is more similar to the Huge Calves skill (+25% 'movement' speed) and less similar to other speed skills, such as Thermos of Coffee.

However, the current English version of Minitroopers has had this mistake corrected. Furthermore, the original French description may not be a translation error so much as a grammatical one.


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