How does each speed skills effect a trooper? Please help by adding what you know to this page.


General speed: All things, including movement.

Action speed: All things, but not movement.

Movement speed: Only movement.

We use these 3 terms without knowing exactly what they mean. For now they are just useful word groups.

The 'link' column can be used for showing evidence. Using this column is preferred but not essential.

Speed Skills

Gen Ability Name General speed Action speed Movement speed Not a speed skill Unconfirmed Link
Nimble Fingers Nimble Fingers X
Juggler Juggler X
Unshakable2 Unshakable X
Twinoid Twinoid X
On point On point X
Skill Frenetic Frenetic X
VendettaIcon Vendetta X
Sprinter icon Sprinter X Link
Hyperactive Hyperactive X Link
Survival Instinct Survival Instinct X Link
Skill Enthusiastic Enthusiastic X
Thermos of Coffee-Icon Thermos of Coffee X
Skill Adrenaline Adrenaline X
Zigzag Zigzag X
Rush Rush X
Tailgunner icon Tail Gunner X
Trigger Happy Trigger Happy X
Nervous Nervous X
Skill Amphetamine Shot Amphetamine Shot X Link
Stamp Stamp X
Skill Death Grip Death Grip X
Last Mohican Last Mohican X
Wife Beater Wife Beater X
Hurry-Icon Hurry x
Skill Bounce Back Bounce Back X
Heavy Armor Heavy Armor X
Heavyweight Heavyweight X
Sturdy Sturdy X
Huge Calves Huge Calves X
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