Small Speed Speed is an individual Stat, initially equal for all troopers. It essentially represents your Btl Troopers Trooper's movement speed. Support Troopers shouldn't worry much about this stat, but Shock Troopers rely on it big time.

Naturally, during Small Initiative Initiative boosts the faster a trooper moves, the more time he has for shooting.

Ways to Alter Speed



  • Sustaining injuries (up to -75%).
  • Carrying heavy weapons (-50%, stacks for multiple arms).
  • Utilising Item Heavy Armor Heavy Armor (-20%, -1 Damage).
  • Upgrading to Gen Ability Heavyweight (-20%, +10 Small Health Points).


Below is a short video showing a trooper with many speed skills but no initiative skills. This trooper performs actions before the newly deployed opposing troopers.

The skill Gen Ability Huge Calves specifically states 'movement' speed (so to does the French version of Gen Ability Sprinter), the need to state 'movement' implyes that the other speed skills could be offering some unidentified benefits.

A comparison of Item Thermos of Coffee Thermos of Coffee (+25%) to Gen Ability Sprinter (100%) would say that these unidentified benefits 'should' have a value that is equal to a 75% movement speed reduction and losing one equipment slot.



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