A skill is an upgrade that a Btl Troopers Trooper gains every Level. These upgrades can be weapons, equipment, passive stat boosters, special abilities or even vehicles for the trooper to use in Combat.

Certain skills require the trooper to reach a certain level. You can check level requirements for each skill by veiwing the "Level" column in the tables below. Some skills require an equipment slot in order to be used, this will be noted with a corresponding item icon in the "Quote/Additional information" column. A trooper can carry only 3 pieces of equipment into battle at a time.

You may also want to see the wiki page for ranking each skill

Ranking the Skills.

Other skill lists

Specializations (Helmets)

Note: Specializations are only available at level 6.

Image Name Description Quote
Skill Comms. Officier Comms Officer +1 Btl Communication Communication for each level-up.

"Comms officers ensure the correct transmission of battle orders. Having plenty of Comms agents guarantees you'll receive plenty of enjoyable orders, allowing you to massacre even more enemies!"

Skill Doctor Doctor Heals a teammate 5 Small Health PointsHealth Points +1 additional HP per level-up. Immune to poison and paralysis. "The toughest part of being a doctor is learning to tell the difference between the living and the dead. That saves a lot of time!"
MunitionsIcon Munitions Reloads munitions for a teammate when reinforcements arrive. One per level-up. Doubles the frequency of use of grenades. "The human bomb, you've got that job wrapped up! There's even a place in your heart for the detonator!"
Pilot Pilot Increases the chances of getting a vehicle by 25% every level up.

"Yeah, because with your current level, a machine would do a better job than you, grunt!"

Saboteur Saboteur +1 Btl Sabotage Sabotage for each level-up. "It's even easier when the guys you're facing are armed with nothing but water pistols and harsh language"
Scout Scout +1 Btl Deployment Deployment bonus (20 maximum). "Knowledge of the terrain is the key to victory!"
Soldier Soldier For each level, 'Trooper' gets an extra Small Health PointsHealth Point. "If you're not looking for responsibility, just hoping to survive, this is the job for you!"
Spy Spy

'Trooper' appears in the enemy camp. +50 Small Initiative Initiative (+10 more for each level-up).

"The art of infiltrating the enemy camp and causing carnage before the battle has even begun..."


Please note that more sophisticated vehicles require more Btl Deployment Deployment Points to be successfully fielded.

Image Name Effect Additional information Level Quote
MotorCycle icon Motorcycle Takes you within range of closest target. Most common of the vehicles. Can be found on level 1 recruits. 1 "Does is scare you always to be first to charge the enemy? - Oh no, what really hacks me off is the number of flies i swallow en route"
Light tank Light tank The light tank comes equipped with a light cannon and a machine gun. Uses - Btl Deployment2 7 "A balsa wood struchure mounted on a bicycle... It still freaks the enemy right out though!"
Heavy Tank Heavy Tank The heavy tank comes equipped with a cannon and a machine gun.

Uses - Btl Deployment6

Requires - Btl Deployment8

7 "Formidable on the battlefield, but the aircon is an optional extra"
Helicopter Helicopter The helicopter is equipped with a double machine gun. Uses - Btl Deployment2 7 "I feel much stronger, check out my rotor!"
Jet Fighter Jet The jet bombards the battlefield until it runs out of fuel. The trooper does not appear in combat. 11? "This is Ghostrider One requesting a fly-by."


Key: Dam = Damage per bullet, Bur = Bursts or bullets per round, Crit = Critical or chances for killshots, Rec = Recovery time, Cap = Capacity, Shots = Total shots, Total = Total damage (Damage*Bursts), GT = grand total (Average damage*Aim), De = Default (a starting weapon)


Image Name Dam Range Crit Aim Rec Cap Shots Abilities
Shotgun Shotgun (De) 5-8 4 x10 150% 150 1 4 Knocks the enemy down, zone damage
Skill Double-Barrelled Shotgun Double-Barrelled Shotgun 5-10 5 x10 150% 150 2 6 Knocks the enemy down, zone damage, fires twice per burst
Pump Action Shotgun Pump Action Shotgun 5-10 4 x10 150% 90 1 6 Reloads automatically, knocks the enemy down, zone damage
Scattergun Scattergun 4-12 4 x5 150% 100 1 6 Knocks the enemy down, Extended damage zone.
SemiAutoShotgunIcon Semi-Auto Shotgun 5-10 4 x10 150% 70 4 8 Knocks the enemy down, zone damage

Assault Weapons

Image Name Dam Bur Total GT Range Crit Aim Rec Cap Shots Abilities
Skill Assault Rifle Assault Rifle (De) 2-3 3 6-9 6 2-6 x5 80% 100 9 18 None
Skill AK47 AK47 2-3 4 8-12 10 2-7 x10 100% 100 12 16 None
Skill FAMAS FAMAS 3-4 3 9-12 9.45 5 x10 90% 50 9 18 None
M16 M16 2-3 3 6-9 6 2-6 x10 80% 80 12 18 None
Thompson Thompson 3-7 3 9-21 12 2-6 x10 80% 80 9 18 Ignores armor
UMP UMP 3-4 3 9-12 10.5 2-6 x20 100% 80 9 18


Image Name Dam Total Range Crit Aim Rec Cap Shots Abilities
Pistol Pistol (De) 2-3 - 7 x5 90% 100 3 4 None
Skill Beretta Beretta 3-4 - 8 x10 90% 50 4 8 None
Skill Desert Eagle Desert Eagle 4 - 10 x10 100% 100 4 8 Ignores armor
Skill Dual Pistols Dual Pistols 3-4 6-8 8 x10 80% 100 8 16 Fires twice per burst
Revolver Revolver 4-6 - 9 x10 75% 120 6 12 "Knocks the enemy down, Always loaded at the start of a fight"


Image Name Dam Range Crit Aim Rec Cap Shots Abilities
Sniper2 Sniper (De) 4 3-max X15 150% 100 1 2 Hits favorite target more often, secure zone needed to fire.
Skill CK-Magellan CK-Magellan 3 2-max x25 150% 65 6 12 Heavy weapon, hits favorite target more often, secure zone needed to fire
LizaroJungle Lizaro Jungle 5 3-max x20 120% 100 2 4 Heavy weapon, hits favorite target more often, secure zone needed to fire
MOS-TEK MOS-TECK 6-7 3-max x25 150% 120 3 6 Heavy weapon, hits favorite target more often, secure zone needed to fire
SparrowHawk SparrowHawk 3 3-max x50 300% 100 1 4 Heavy weapon, hits favorite target more often, secure zone needed to fire

Machine Guns

Image Name Dam Bur Total GT Range Crit Aim Rec Cap Shots Abilities
Skill Comanche Auto Comanche Auto 3-4 6 18-24 18.9 6 x5 90% 60 18 36 Heavy weapon
Skill Gatling Gun Gatling Gun 3-6 5 15-30 15.75 7 x5 70% 110 20 40 Heavy weapon
Heavy machine gun Heavy machine gun 3-4 8 24-32 19.6 6 x5 70% 150 22 44 Heavy weapon, always loaded at the start of a fight
Minigun Minigun 2-3 6 12-18 15 6 x5 100% 80 22 44 Heavy weapon


Please note that aside from initial damage, explosives could toss troopers in air and inflict fall damage of 1~5.

Image Name Dam Range Crit Aim Rec Cap Shots Abilities
Skill Bazooka M1 Bazooka M1 8-15 3-max x1 100% 100 1 2 Heavy weapon, secure zone needed to fire
Skill Bazooka M25 Bazooka M25 6-12 3-max x1 80% 120 3 6 Heavy weapon, secure zone needed to fire
Infernaltube Infernal Tube 14-28 3-max x1 95% 150 1 1 Heavy weapon, secure zone needed to fire
Rocket Launcher Rocket Launcher 8-15 3-max x1 80% 120 1 3 Secure zone needed to fire


Image Name Dam Range Crit Aim Rec Cap Shots Abilities
Knife Knife 2-4 1 x10 120% 40 --- --- None


Note: Any equipment uses one equipment slot and players only have 3 slots available.


Image Name Effect Level Quote/Additional information
Skill Explosive Shells Explosive Shells Fires up to 6 shells, doubles damage. 1 Item Explosive Shells "My heart goes boom!"
Hydroshock Shells Hydroshock Shells All bullets fired are 4 times as likely to result in a killshot. 1 Item Hydroshock Shells "So basically it shatters into a million pieces which fly everywhere. Cool, huh?"
Paralysing Shells-Icon Paralysing Shells Bullets will paralyse the enemy 1 Item Paralysing Shells "It's awesome, you shoot the guy and he goes stiff!'- Yeah... So just like normal bullets then..."
Toxic shells Toxic shells Fires up to 3 toxic shells which poison the enemy 1 Item Toxic Shells "You look a little off-colour there Roger. Are you sure you don't need a little lie down?"
Skill Armor-Piercing Shells Armor-Piercing Shells Bullets will not be stopped by enemy Small Armor armor. 7 Item Armor-Priercing Shells "What bulletproof vest?"


Image Name Dam Area Level Quote/Additional information
Skill Fragmentation Grenade Fragmentation grenade 1-5 ? 1 Item Fragmentation Grenade "Ow! Ah! Oww!... But! Aaaah!" Has a good chance of killshots
Skill Grenade Grenade (standard) 6-12 ​​2×2 1 Item Grenade Simple and effective: throw it, everything is clean.
Skill Flashbang Flashbang Blind ? 1 Item Flashbang "Staring at the sun!" All troopers in the area are blinded.
Skill Gas Grenade Gas Grenade Poison ? 1

Item Gas Grenade "Extremely effective! Well... Unless the enemy has a cold" All troopers affected are poisoned, losing 1 HP every 20 turn until the effect wears off.

Skill Glue Grenade Glue Grenade None ? 1

Item Glue Grenade "- And how exactly do we get rid of this bloody glue?'' - You can't. No point in looking." All troopers affected lose 200 Small Initiative Initiative.

Shock Grenade-Icon Shock Grenade Disarm ? 1 Item Shock Grenade "The best bit about it is that this really firms up the buttocks." All troopers affected will drop their weapon.
Skill Clown Grenade Clown Grenade None 1 5

Item Clown Grenade Makes a clown appear. "I'm s-s-scared of clowns, chief... - Me too! FIRE!"

Skill Grenade Benie Grenade benie 12-24 3x3 7 Item Grenade Benie "I... I have seen the light, people... BOOOM!"
Skill Healing Grenade Healing Grenade Heal 3x3 7

Item Healing Grenade Heals troopers in 3x3. Require the Doctor specialization. "It stings a bit at the start, but it gets better."

Skill Black Hole Grenade Black Hole Grenade Max 2x2 13? Item Black Hole Grenade "Haha! Behold, our latest invention! Now, can we have a volunteer for the first test?... No? Nobody?"

Other Skills and Equipment

Image Name Effect Level Quote/Additional information
Unforgiving-Icon Unforgiving Always do maximum damage to an opponent you've already hit. 1 "You're going on the list. I'm taking names!"
Skill Faceboot Faceboot When engaging an enemy in hand-to-hand combat, you kick your opponent in the face. 1 "Winner of the regimental Golden Boot."
Skill Fists of Fury Fists of Fury +1 dmg for punches, 50% chance of making the opponent drop their weapon. 1 "Rocky, at least take this pistol...

- No thanks chief, don't need it!"

Wrestler-Icon Wrestler Throws the opponent in hand-to-hand combat. 1 "Professional disfigurer, at your service! I'm a masked wrestler when I'm not out here trooping."
Skill Charge Charge Charges at a nearby enemy 7 "Frrreeeeee Huuuuuggsss!!!"
Smart icon Smart 3 choices when leveling up. Counter effects of Propaganda , Bait and Pink Grenade . Half chances of being Btl Sabotage Sabotaged. 1 "None of that stuff bothers me. I consider all the options before I make my choices."
King of Boules King of Boules Grenades thrown never miss their target. 1 "Him over there, his head looks like a decent target."
Skill Biped Biped No penalty for moving targets. 1 Item Biped "Eye on the ball, head in the game. That's how I roll!"
Laser Sights-Icon Laser Sights +80% improved Small Aim Aim. 1 Item Laser Sights "Battlefield show-off."
Skill Eye of the Tiger Eye of the Tiger +50% improved Small Aim Aim with firearms. 1 "10$ says I take out his right rear molar at 500m. In any case, I reckon it's got a cavity."
Skill Heat Sensor Heat Sensor +20% Small Aim Aim bonus, "Troopers" bullets cannot be dodged. 1 Item Heat Sensor "Here? - No way, it's cold out there... - And here? - You're getting warmer! - How about here? - Good job, you're real hot..." BANG!
Skill Barrel Extension Barrel Extension +1 Range bonus +10% Small Aim Aim bonus for all weapons. 1 Item Barrel Extension "Its not what you do with it that counts. Its the size."
Skill Compensator Compensator Halves the Small Aim aiming penalties for successive shots. Reduces waiting time after a shot by 30%. 1 Item Compensator "Wave goodbye to the shakes with a Parkin & Sons compensator!"
Skill Cold Blooded Cold Blooded Takes aim twice as quickly. 1 "We're not going to waste time talking sense here..."
Vicious Vicious You aim for parts that have already been injured. 1 "It's nothing personal, but once I start a job I need to finish it."
Skill Heartbreaker Heartbreaker Chances of inflicting a fatal shot to the heart multiplied by 3. 1 "Oh Carl... You're breaking my heart! Mom was right..."
Skill Anatomy Anatomy Chances of a fatal shot x2 , increases the chances of hitting your favourite body part. 7 "Yes! My 27th toe in 24 hours!"
Skill Blind Fury Blind Fury No line of sight penalties, not affected by blindness. 7 "They hardly ever wash, I can aim for the smell."
Skill Covering Fire Covering Fire When you are in firing position, you return fire immediately. 7 "Have we quite finished shooting at me?!"
Loader Loader The weapon selected is automatically reloaded. 1 Item Loader "My number one rule: always have a spare clip in your pants"
Nimble Fingers Nimble Fingers "Trooper" operates weapons twice as quickly and loads his weapons 2 shells at a time. 1 "That Jackson does my head in, showing off with his 60 phalanges..."
Juggler Juggler Change weapons instantly. 1 "Anything up to a bazooka, no worries. Tanks, however..."
Unshakable2 Unshakable Being hit does not affect performance. 1 "I'll complain when the battle is over. Not before."
Twinoid Twinoid +500 Small Initiative Initiative and poison yourself 1 Item Twinoid "No pain, no gain"
On point On point Takes their turn before the others (+200 Small Initiative Initiative). 1 "Me! Me! I'll go first!"
Skill Frenetic Frenetic When you defeat an enemy, +200 Small Initiative Initiative. 1 "Neeeeeexxxxxt!"
VendettaIcon Vendetta +50 Small Initiative Initiative on teammate death 1

"Oh no, they got Jimmy! My best friend! What? I thought i was your best friend! Erm yeah, you are now!"

Sprinter icon Sprinter +100% Small Speed Speed. 1 "Faster pussycat, kill, KILL KILLLLLLL"
Survival Instinct Survival Instinct +50% Small Speed Speed when a trooper drops below half of his life points. 1 "I don't know about you, but I don't plan on spending eternity here!"
Skill Enthusiastic Enthusiastic +25% Small Speed Speed as long as a trooper isn't wounded. 1 "Another glorious day in the corps! A day in the MT corps is like a day on the farm. Every meal's a banquet! Every paycheck a fortune. Every formation a parade! I LOVE the corps."
Thermos of Coffee-Icon Thermos of Coffee +25% Small Speed Speed. 1 Item Thermos of Coffee "I take my war without sugar. Victory is sweet enough."
Skill Adrenaline Adrenaline Every shot that misses you makes you quicker. 1 "How do I motivate my troops?...

- Hehe, everyone has their little secrets!"

Zigzag Zigzag When "trooper" moves around, he will dodge half the shots fired at him. 1 "It's a long way around, but I'll get there."
Rush Rush After moving "Trooper" Can immediatly fire. 1 "Frankly... It would be sheer folly to delay."
Trigger Happy Trigger Happy +1 extra shot burst from any weapon. 1 "Ohh, this things pretty sensitive."
Tailgunner icon Tail Gunner Fire 2 more bursts from an automatic weapon. 2 "I love the sound of gatling in the morning."
Nervous Nervous "Trooper" Ocassionaly empties his whole clip. 5 "Empty? Already?"
Stamp Stamp "Trooper" Tramples his enemy twice as quickly. 5 "I have a doormat in my tent for training purposes."
Skill Death Grip Death Grip +1 damage with fists. Never drops weapon, Doesn't lose target. 5 "Haha! Finally my arthritis comes in handy."
Last Mohican Last Mohican If "Trooper" is last man, empties clips and doubles damage. 5 "Well, he's all alone now, mabye he'll stop been such a dramaaaaaaaagh..."
Hyperactive Hyperactive +50% Small Speed Speed and will run interference on the enemy. 5 "Battle won, chief! Your uniform has been ironed! The dishes have been washed! The battlefield re-seeded!"
Skill Amphetamine Shot Amphetamine Shot +100% Small Speed Speed for 500 turns. 5 Item Amphetamine Shot "I was a bicycle courier previously. I'm used to it..."
Wife Beater Wife Beater +30% Small Speed Speed and +30% dodge bonus. 7 Item Wife Beater "I feel much more free in my vest."
Hurry-Icon Hurry +10% Small Speed Speed and doubles the frequency of use of powers and equipment. 7 "Get a move on guys, Rambo is on TV tonight!"
Skill Bounce Back Bounce Back When <Trooper> is knocked down, he takes no Fall Damage, gets up immediately and gains +100 Small Initiative Initiative. 7 "These are new weapons-grade Y-fronts. With these, the war is already won."
Skill Battle-Ready Battle-Ready All Weapons belonging to <Trooper> are fully recharged before battle. 1 "Always renember two things before battle: put on clean underpants and try not to get shot in the face!"
Rucksack Rucksack After moving once. "Troopers" weapons are fully replenished 7 Item Rucksack "Hey, enjoy!"
Restless Restless When any trooper moves "Trooper" Gains +200 Small Initiative Initiative. 7 "Brilliant, there are more of them!"
Martyr Martyr When "Trooper" dies, 5 reinforcements join, with +150 Small Initiative Initiative. 7? "Vasquez is down! Revenge!"
Skill Binoculars Binoculars Enemys next trooper -400 Small Initiative Initiative. 7 Item Binoculars "Ewww, their commander picks his nose during the briefing."
Radio Radio +1 Btl Communication Communication bonus. 7 Item Radio "You're listening to Radio Troopers on 7.62, stay tuned to this frequency!"
Talky-Walky Talky-Walky "Trooper" Calls for backup immediatly. 7 Item Talky-Walky "Guess where im calling you from?!"
Out of Bounds Out of Bounds If "Trooper" Isn't in a vehicle, he can spawn without Btl Deployment Deployment cost. 7 "Hahaha we've got them now. Im going round the back to trap them."
Reverse Attack Reverse Attack The enemy Btl Deployment Deployment capacity is reduced by 2 points. 7 "What? Coffee time already?"
Skill Commander Commander +1 battle per day. (+2 max) 7? "My job is the leader of men. I tell them where to go. I dont go there though."
Occupation Occupation "Trooper" Earns 1 T everyday 7? "I'm here to stay!"
Skill Saviour Saviour <Trooper> takes a dead soldier to the reserves and heals them 7 "I saw a tunnel, with a light at the end, and... - Yeah whatever, you've been saved now. Get back in the game!"
Scavenger Scavenger Recovers enemy weapons then fires the weapon. 5 Item Scavenger "Haha check this out - i got his fillings."
Voodoo Doll Voodoo Doll All enimies become "Cursed". 7 Item Voodoo Doll "I promise it works chief! My mom taught me how to do it!"
Skill Full Metal Balaclava Full Metal Balaclava Headshots no longer inflict double damage. +1 Small Armor armor bonus and halves the chance of taking a fatal shot to the head. 1 Item Full Metal Balactlava "When i was young I hated these things... Now I really like them."
Skill Bulletproof Vest Bulletproof Vest +1 Small Armor armor, and halves the chance of taking a fatal shot to the torso. 1 Item Bulletproof Vest "More then 20 different colours! Sand, forest, spangly disco number..."
Heavy Armor Heavy Armor reduces damage sustained by 1 and reduces Small Speed Speed by 20%. 1

Item Heavy Armor "Haha! Who that tin can? oh knackers, its the commander! Ah... Oops"

Skill Hard Boiled Hard Boiled "Trooper" incurs no further penalty when seriously injured. 1 "Pffft, doesnt even hurt."
Lucky Charm Lucky Charm A fatal shot will still leave you with one life point instead of dying. 1 Item Lucky Charm "What a stroke of luck, the shrapnel got stuck in my rabbit's foot!"
Skill Dodger Dodger The first shot fired is automatically dodged... 1 "Ta daaaa! Thank you for your kind applause"
Tuck &#039;n&#039; Roll Tuck 'n' Roll "Trooper" will roll on the ground to avoid getting hit.


"The key is to avoid puddles and mud. Oh yeah and mines."
TakeCovericon Take Cover! When reloading, 50% of shots fired at trooper are missed. 1 "We told you to keep your head down..."
Skill Camouflage Camouflage Shots at trooper miss 20% of the time. Chances of being targeted reduced. 1 "Chief! That box over there - it moved! - Of course it did Jack..."
Huge Calves Huge Calves +3 Small Health Pointslife points, +25% movement Small Speed Speed. 1 "The army is no place for wet blankets!"
Sturdy Sturdy +3 Small Health Pointslife points, No penalty with heavy weapons. 1 "I started lifting weights when i was three dont you know."
Skill Brick S---house Brick S***house +3 Small Health Pointslife points, and anyone behind "trooper" will benefit from added cover. 1 "Scouts only report one guy... This will be a walk in the park."
Skill Commando Commando +5 Small Health Pointslife points. 1 "Look if we remove the brain, that leaves more room for life points."
Skill Bait Bait +8 Small Health Points Life Points, becomes the highest priority target and easier to hit. 1 "Hey, guys! Why am I the only one with a flashing neon uniform?"
Heavyweight Heavyweight +10 Small Health Pointslife points -20% Small Speed Speed. 5 "Quite simply, a beast."
Skill Fall Guy Fall Guy If "Troopers" vechicle is destoryed damages sustained is divided by 2. 5 "So, run that by me again, my stunt double was SHOT AND KILLED? i'm out."
Invincible Invincible Cant be killed by a normaly fatal shot. 5 "Argh... My head! My he... Ah no, it's ok. As you were."
Suspicious Suspicious +200 Small Initiative Initiative for every enemy Helm Spy Spy, cant be hurt by teammates, can't be Btl Sabotage Sabotaged. 7 "Erm John, you didnt have a moustache this morning..."
Skill Friendly Fire Friendly Fire Shots and grenades by "Trooper" Dont hurt teammates. 7 "Thanks to our revolutionary technology, it's now impossible to get shot in the ass!"
Skill Crybaby Crybaby Reinforcements are called even if you're still alive. 7 "Call the reinforcements! I... I've bumped my little toe!"
Interception Interception "Trooper" throws back any grenades. 7 "Right back at ya!"
Survivor Survivor When reinforcments arrive "Trooper" gets back up with 1 lp. 7 "Hi guys! About bloody time you showed up!
Skill First Aid First Aid Gains upto 50% of their Small Health Pointshealth at the end of the round. 7 Item First Aid "Erm, I've got a band aid left if anyone needs it."


Img Name Effect Level Quote/Additional information
Soldier Semelles de Plomb Immunity to Knock Downs. 1 ne décolle pas sur FLY_TO ou KNOCKOUT
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