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Shock Trooper is an offensive close quarters strategy (or simply put, a role) available in MiniTroopers through means of specifically aligned upgrades. The primary task of a shock trooper is to close with the enemy before they start fighting, and deal maximum damage to soften them up before the rest of the troops can clear up. The secondary task is to draw enemy fire from Support Units once the battle starts. Engaging from the closest range available ensures that enemies are successfully prone to their own Friendly Fire.

Naturally, this strategy favours assault weaponry, such as Gen ShotgunShotguns and Gen SMG/ Gen Gatling automatic firearms, as well as deployment via Veh Motorcycle Motorcycles.

Being extremely effective against hostile troops, shock troopers aren't as good in fighting Rats due to survivability and sheer numbers of the latter, which eventually overwhelm any good trooper in close range.

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