Screen Binoculars


Level 6


+1 Deployment bonus (maximum 20).


Passive (always).


"Knowledge of the terrain is the key to victory!"

Countered by:

Reverse Attack


Out of Bounds

Helm Scout Scout is an unlockable helmet (i.e. Specialization or class). Once acquired, it provides +1 global Btl Deployment Deployment bonus, which is capped at Btl Deployment20 maximum. In other words, it allows one to deploy more Btl TroopersTroopers per wave of reinforcements, regardless of a scout's presence in the current or the next wave. The Item Binoculars Binoculars is a scout exclusive equipment.

The Scout is perhaps the only specialization that doesn't improve with each level; the deployment bonus is permanent and doesn't change after the skill is acquired. This alone makes proper upgrading even more essential to ensure that Credits are not being wasted.

However, the whole scout specialization can be substituted for a single perk - Out of Bounds. This perk allows the trooper with the perk to spawn much like a scout, with no cost to deployment, no helmet taken and no equipment slots used. The only downside to this is if the trooper is going to spawn in a vehicle, then Out of Bounds will not spawn him without a cost to deployment. However, you have to count on your troopers being given the option with the skill.


The idea of the scout is to outnumber the opponent on the battlefield. However, the value of the scout becomes debatable when one is faced with explosive weapons such as grenades.

By default, 4 Btl Troopers Troopers are deployed at one time, if all 4 troopers are wiped out then the next 4 arrive. Having the scout skill will increase your Btl Deployment Deployment number to 5 (+1 per scout).

Swarm strategie

It's good to note that there are even skills that can lower your opponents Btl Deployment Deployment capacity, such as Gen Ability Reverse Attack and the Helm Spy Spy specialisation. The scout skill may be viewed as a defence against these 'divide and conquer' strategies.

For example, if your opponent uses Gen Ability Reverse Attack and your next deployment is lowered from 4 troopers (default) down to 2 troopers, if you had 2 scouts (+1 each), then you would be back up to 4.

4 (default) - 2 (enemy's Reverse Attack) + 2 (scouts) = 4 troopers deploy.

The image to the right shows a player using scouts to outnumber their opponent. Note that this player has 3 scouts (4+3=7 deployed) and that no scouts are deployed right now; all 3 scouts are waiting.

Veh Truck Some vehicles require extra Btl Deployment Deployment points. It seems that the Heavy Tank needs 8 Deployment points, requiring a deployment capacity much higher then the default 4. For more on Vehicle Deployment please see the vehicle page or the Heavy Tank page.


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