Item Scavenger Scavenger


Levels 5+.


Recovers an enemy weapon.


Used once when an enemy in firing range.


"Haha check this out - i got his fillings."

Item Scavenger Scavenger is an unlockable low-tier Small Equipment Animated Equipment (acquired after unlocking the Skill of the same name) which can be used in one of three equipment slots available per Btl Troopers Trooper. It allows its owner to pull out a magnet and steal the Small Weapon Weapon his target is currently wielding, even if the trooper has any other arms to use. The footman holsters the newly-acquired weaponry and switches back to the previously wielded model.

Note that under right circumstances (extended Small Initiative Initiative boosts at the start of the battle, long enough to trigger this equipment) the trooper might even steal a Btl Sabotage Sabotaged weapon, thus effectively wasting the item and time spent using it.


  • In the French version the skill is named "Aimant de combat" which can be roughly translated as a "Combat Magnet".


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