Skill Saviour Saviour
Screen Saviour


Levels 7+, Helm Doctor Doctor-exclusive skill.


<Trooper> takes a dead soldier to the reserves and heals them.


Ally dead body on battlefield (once).


"I saw a tunnel, with a light at the end, and... - Yeah whatever, you've been saved now. Get back in the game!"



Saviour is a high-tier Helm Doctor Doctor-exclusive unlockable Gen Ability Ability. With it, a Btl Troopers Trooper can revive his dead teammate (including enemy troopers who have been turned by Btl Communication Propaganda), which is accomplished by the trooper taking the body off the screen and going back to fight. Revived troopers will join the next wave of reinforcements, fully resupplied with no Btl Deployment Deployment cost, on top the usual number of troops.

A single doctor can only use this skill once per battle, unless there are instances of other doctors using Gen Ability Saviour on him or the doctor receives the Gen Ability Retreat command. Should the latter come to pass, the saviour counter status is reset, allowing for one more usage in next deploy.

Bug: Troopers affected by Saviour who die in a Raid may result in negative value in Headquarters.


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