Rush Rush
Minitroopers Rush1


Levels 1+


After moving, <Trooper> can fire immediately where possible.


Always (Passive).


"Frankly... It would be sheer folly to delay."

Rush is an unlockable active Gen Ability Ability available after acquiring the Skill of the same name. It allows the Btl Troopers Trooper to attack immediately after moving, time Small Turn spent for aiming is delayed to after the shot. Deployment move is not accounted. i.e. a trooper armed with a Gen Sniper Rifle Rifle or a Gen Rocket Launcher Launcher (maximum Small Range Range) will not shoot immediately upon Btl Deployment deployment. Having such weapons means their operators will not move, hence the ability is not used. Veh Motorcycle Motorcycle deployment is considered a starting move with the operator dismounting already in firing range, so the ability is not used in this instance either.

Useless for Support Troopers for the reasons explained prior, but of great value to Assault and Shock Troopers already upgraded with Gen Ability Sprinter.


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