Reverse Attack
Reverse Attack


Levels 7+.


The enemy Btl Deployment Deployment capacity is reduced by 2 points.


New wave deploy (once).


"What? Coffee time already?"

Reverse Attack is an unlockable active Gen Ability Ability. Once acquired, it allows a Btl Troopers Trooper to lower his enemy's Btl Deployment Deployment Small Capacity Capacity by 2 points, once per battle. It's a great skill for reducing the number of enemy troopers or rats that will be deploying in the next wave.

Reverse Attack is an accumulative skill. Despite this, the opponent's deployment capacity can not be reduced below 1. However in Exterminate mission there is evidence that rats with Survivor can influence deployment of the next rat wave if 2 or more Reverse Attack commands are given at the same time by user army. Example below:

Minitroopers Extermination Mission deployment negated 01

Minitroopers Extermination Mission deployment negated 01


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