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Recruit is a term that generally refers to the combat-ready Btl Troopers Troops acquired from other players (or the same players) creating new armies under the recruiting army's link. Only two accounts can be created from a single IP, up to three per day. For that reason, dynamic or periodically changing IPs can be a blessing for MiniTroopers addicts. Aside from additional personnel to get daily Income, recruiters also benefit from Credit Monetary Rewards for the first thirty four armies they adopt, often allowing flash-levelling up to level seven. Because of that, creating armies for one's recruits can save a lot of time before grunts can become effective.

As a matter of fact, regardless of the subordinate army's actual size, only the initial trooper is granted for the recruiter to use in Raids and Epic missions. That's why one can often see armies with a single high-level footman, those generally being recruits in (or after) undertaking the process of levelling to be effective in Raids.

Although the feature was meant to promote the game, sneaky players quickly figured how to boost their armies' income greatly even without the involvement of others, while others often resort to spamming as means of getting recruits. For that reason, dropping recruitment links is prohibited both on the Muxxu forums and this wiki. However, to satisfy the cravings of a great portion of players in a civilized and orderly fashion, there are special threads that are periodically established on the Muxxu forums, the most prominent being the "Recruit of the Heart" and "Recruit of the Mind" threads. There are other, more challenging ways of getting recruits via tournaments and cups run on the very same Muxxu forums.


As it is common practice to leave no Passwords on recruit accounts players don't want to play (to let recruiters level troops up), these are prone to sabotage, causing a portion of butthurt and fresh complaint threads posted on Muxxu.

One of the most common ways of doing so is Renaming troopers with obscene or offensive names, which cannot be undone. This can be easily prevented by renaming your troops yourself, rendering other people unable to rename them.

The other way — albeit less common — is buying level 1 troops while the account owner is saving Credit Credits to level up the primary footman. However, this method is harder to accomplish. Nevertheless, recruiting players can request passwords to be created and mail them to their Twinoid accounts.

Self-recruiting is totally immune to the issue, provided the players bother to protect their accounts with passwords, or at least keep their army's internet addresses private.

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