Item Radio Radio


Levels 13+.


+1 Btl Communication Communications bonus.


Always (passive).


"You're listening to Radio Troopers on 7.62, stay tuned to this frequency!"

Replaced by:

Skill Comms. Officier

Item Radio Radio is an unlockable Small Equipment Animated Equipment which can be used in one of three equipment slots available per trooper. Once acquired it boosts your Btl Communication Communications by +1, thus allowing your troops to receive orders in a way similar to a Helm Comms Officer Comms. Officier. By comparison, a lowest ranked Comms. Officer (level 6) provides +5 Btl Communication.

Note that some of the high-level orders cannot be used because of limited Btl Communication Communications. If an army that has a trooper with Item RadioRadio does not have a Helm Comms Officer Comms. Officier., the only commands that will be available will be "Solo Mission" and Ef Locked because those two are the only commands that require only 1 Btl Communication Communications point.


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