Ef Poison
Dsc Poison


-1 Small Health Points per 20 Small Turn.


real time


Item Toxic Shells Item Gas Grenade Item Twinoid


Helm Doctor Doctor

Ef Poison is a special Effect, it drains the affected Btl Troopers Trooper's Small Health Points Life Points by -1 per 20 Small Turn Turns, gradually resulting in a loss of 5~15 Small Health Points.


Poison is one of the most effective ways to kill an enemy before they can reach you, troopers and rats alike, due to steady rate of damaging and lack of effective ways to counter it, aside from Helm Doctor Doctors' immunity and treatment, or Life Point upgrades. Mass poisoned enemies most often end up dead, which makes extensively utilised toxic munitions comparable to explosives. And so, friendly fire is even more perilous among your ranks.

Something to keep in mind is that poison from a Item Gas Grenade Gas Grenade is stronger then poison from Item Toxic Shells Toxic Shells or a Item Twinoid Twinoid. Twinoid poison is never fatal on it's own and Toxic Shells only become fatal when combined with their means of delivery. However without assistance the Gas Grenade almost always deals more than 10 damage and is almost always fatal.


The duration of any poison is in real time but the poison damage is only delivered to a trooper in game time (or Small Turn Turns ). Initiative boosts will stop the game time and delay any poison damage but it will not stop the poison's real time duration.

Effectively initiative boosts reduce the duration of any poisons, if the duration is reduced to 0 then the poison is removed. By combining initiative boosts this method can be used to remove poisons safely (example ).

Ways of Contraction

Visual Effect

The effect of poison will visually change the trooper. This change to the skin pigmentation is so subtle that it will often go unnoticed.


Other Media

Poison from a gas grenade.

Minitroopers, gas grenade

Minitroopers, gas grenade

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