Minitroopers pilot light tank


Level 6


Increases the chances of getting a vehicle by 25% every level-up.


Start of the battle, new waves deployed.


"Yeah, because with your current level, a machine would do a better job than you, grunt!"


Skill Fall Guy


The pilot unlock from the unlockables screen.

Helm Pilot Pilot is an unlockable helmet (i,e, Specialization or class) for Btl Troopers Troopers to acquire. It increases the current chance of deploying the owned Veh Truck Vehicle in combat by 25% of the initial percentage with each level-up, but doesn't help getting vehicle Skills proper. Bounce back also boosts pilots.

This means if the pilot has a 4% chance of using the helicopter without the skill, he will have 25% (0.25) x 4 = 1% more of a chance to use his helicopter after level 2. This means that by level 2 he will have a 5% chance of using the helicopter. For level 3, he will have 1% more of a chance to use his helicopter after level 3. This means that by level 3 he will be at 6% chance of using the helicopter. Same goes for levels 4-5-6-7-8-9-10, etc.

Therefore, we could calculate the deployment rate with this formula:

D + (D*0.25)*(X-1) or D*(0.25*X+0.75)

Where D is the vehicle's default deployment rate and X is the pilot's level.



As we know now: Veh Fighter Jet Fighter Jet may have ~10% deploy chance, Veh Light Tank Light Tank ~6%/7.5%, Veh Helicopter Helicopter ~10% and Veh Motorcycle Motorcycle ~30%/35%.


Synergies The Pilot class has no effect if the Trooper doesn't own a Vehicle, and since all vehicles barring the Veh Motorcycle Motorcycle are obtained at levels 7 and higher, upgrading a trooper to Pilot is a bit of a gamble, since it offers no immediate benefit.

Thus, it is recommended to give Pilot either to a trooper with a Motorcycle to benefit from the Small Initiative Initiative boost for a Shock Tactic, or to a trooper with the Gen Ability Smart skill in order to have more chances of finding a combat vehicle like the Light Tank or Helicopter later on.

Statistically, the chance of finding a vehicle after level 6 can be calculated with the following formula:

  • A*B/(C-D+1), where:
    • A is the number of choices:
      • 2 by default;
      • 3 with Gen Ability Smart;
    • B is the number of vehicles still in the pool (not yet acquired, excluding Veh Motorcycle Motorcycle).
    • C is the total number of skills in the pool (140 in total, specializations (8) and default weapons (4) are excluded):
    • D is the trooper's level.

So, for example, a Pilot with Smart already procured, during promotion to level 7 would have a 10% chance to get any vehicle, 10.08% at level 8, and so on. However, if level 7 would yield, say, a light tank, at level 8 the chance is reduced to 7.56%. By comparison, the very same instances but without Smart would be as likely as 6.67%, 6.72%, and 5.04%. Of course these statistics require buying into the idea that there are no skills that are more rare then others (an idea that has not yet been proven).

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