The pick a fight button with all 3 fights left.

Pick a Fight! is a basic session players can choose in order to gain Credit Credits, selectable from the Small Mission Headquarters. Naturally, it is the only option available for starter armies. By default, there are 3 fights that can be fought each day, which can only be extended with Gen Ability Commander. Each Btl Troopers Trooper with this ability extends the total by one, up to a maximum of five. For every battle won, the player's army is rewarded 2 Credit, and 1 Credit for every one lost.

Upon selection, there's another page (manually available at "*/b/opp") that's loaded with a selection of armies to fight and an option to input the name of a particular army the player wants to attack. The default target selections are randomly picked in relation to the attacking army's Small Power Power, albeit varying greatly. For the purpose of Small Level Levelling, however, the players are advised to find a 5 Small Power army of one Trooper armed with a Wpn Shotgun Shotgun and a weak Skill and attack it until the desired amount of credits is reached. It's possible to speed the process up by hitting "previous page" button in any browser as soon as the address changes to the one of the battle screen; as a result, the Opponents page will be opened again, already updated and still showing the name of the army you just attacked (up to 2 tries) in the input field. The player should only take mere seconds spent to pass the day's session if the said trick is applied.


  • Any player that you choose to attack should have an increased chance of seeing your army making another appearance in Infiltration missions afterwards, should they try any. It works the other ways around as well, in a way that if you attack one army over and over, you will see them in your Infiltrate missions pretty soon.


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