Item Paralysing Shells Paralysing Shells
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Dsc Paralysed


Levels 1+.


Bullets will Ef Paralysed the enemy.


When firing (always).


"It's awesome, you shoot the guy and he goes stiff!'- Yeah... So just like normal bullets then..."


Skill Fragmentation Grenade Toxic shells


Skill Dodger

Countered by:

Skill Doctor

Item Paralysing Shells Paralysing Shells are unlockable Small Equipment Animated Equipment which can be used in one of three equipment slots available per Btl Troopers Trooper. Firing paralysing shells will change the enemy trooper's status to Ef Paralysed, disabling their movement and making them twice as easy to hit for the duration of the effect. The duration of being "paralyzed" is roughly 400 Small Turn.

It is also suggested that paralysed troops will have their abilities disabled, but if this is true and just what abilities is still unknown. A paralysed troop may still use Interception for example.

Being paralysed does not stop a trooper from firing at targets that are already within weapon Small Range Range or switching to other weapons or having abilities used on them by other troopers (e.g. being healed).

Like Item Toxic Shells Toxic Shells, the paralysing ammunition applies its effect even if the target successfully Gen Ability Dodged the initial hit. Paralysing shells can be used in conjunction with Item Fragmentation Grenade Fragmentation Grenades for greater area of effect. Paralysing shells are useful when fighting rats.

Note that Helm Doctor Doctors are immune to being paralysed but can not heal it's effects on others.

Bug: Tuck 'n' Roll cannot avoid shots that have shells effect (included Toxic Shells) and no status effect wrote on Stats Sheet. Although the symptom is not noticeable compared to poison it still works. For instance, the Trooper will not move after a paralysing shot from the enemy without "Ef Paralysed" words pop-up.


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