Out of Bounds
Out of Bounds


Levels 7+.


If <Trooper> is not in a Vehicle, he can appear outside the Deployment zone.


Start of the battle, new wave deploy.


"Hahaha we've got them now. I'm going round the back to trap them."



Out of Bounds is a passive Gen Ability Ability tied to a high-tier unlockable Skill. It allows the Btl Troopers Trooper to deploy with no Btl Deployment Deployment cost, essentially making room for one more trooper to be fielded. Additionally, they do not count towards deployed troops, and so do not affect the maximum of 20 grunts fielded at time, able to join on top of that amount. However, the cost stays the same if the trooper is deployed manning a Veh Truck Vehicle.

The skill can be used to outnumber your opponent or to counter Helm Spy Spies taking up one of your Btl Deployment Deployment slots. It can be considered cheap as it doesn't use an Equipment slot, and can replace a Helm Scout Scout in his task, giving you another choice during one of later Level 6 Specializations.

However, given the ever growing upgrade costs, it would make sense taking something improving actual productivity instead of numbers.


If a Helm Spy Spy is given Out of Bounds and succeeds in deploying on the enemy's side, this Spy won't cost any Btl Deployment Deployment points to the enemy, reducing the Spy's effectiveness since one of their functions is making less enemies deploy in the wave they infiltrate. Also note that the maximum number of spies that can deploy on the enemy's side is 3 and Out of Bounds will not change this.

If the Trooper enters battle within a Veh Truck Vehicle, the skill's effect will be wasted, since the vehicle's Deployment cost isn't affected, and even if the vehicle is summoned via other means (like Support or being dragged in by an enemy Scout) the deployment cost would be already ignored to begin with.


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