On Point
On point


Levels 1+.


Takes their turn before the others (+200 Small Initiative Initiative).


Start of the battle, new wave.


"Me! Me! I'll go first!"


Spy MotorCycle icon

Counter to:

Spy (at low levels)

On Point is an unlockable Gen Ability Ability. Once acquired it grants the Btl Troopers Trooper 200 Small Initiative Initiative right after deployment. This skill will allow the trooper to take their first turn earlier than others.


Having the On Point skill is the most likely way for a trooper to gain the first turn in any battle, however it does not guarantee the first turn (and having the first turn dose not guarantee the first shot).
Minitroopers On Point

A Saboteur launched his Rocket Launcher straight away when the fight just began.

The On Point skill is best used with a weapon that has maximum firing range (any Rifle or Launcher), however all of these weapons also have a minimum firing range, if an enemy spy is deployed on your side of the battlefield then any troopers using both (the On Point skill and any weapon with maximum range) is likely to waste their first turn moving away from the spy. The next turn belongs to the spy. Strangely some snipers solve this problem with the rush skill.

The Motorcycle will always move before the first turn regardless of initiative, however a trooper with On Point will have a shot at an enemy motorcycle before it's trooper dismounts, any damage is dealt to the bike (HP5). The initiative bonus from the spy specialization alone will not surpass the bonus from the On Point skill until the spy reaches level 21. An enemy spy may combine the motorcycle and the spy specialization to surpass the On Point bonus giving them the first turn.

Two favored On Point skill combinations are On Point with Frenetic and On Point with Twinoid.

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