Levels? 13+.


<Trooper> earns one [T] every day of connection.


Standing close to the enemy deployment area whenever the new enemy Wave is deployed. (Multi-use)


"I'm here to stay!"


Spy Reverse Attack

Occupation is a misleading Gen Ability Ability, it does not give any extra Credit Credit as stated in the description.

Normally if a Btl Troopers Trooper is standing in the enemy deployment area (a strip of the ground close to the opposing side of the battlefield) when a new enemy wave is deployed he would be forced to move away. The occupatin skill, however, will allow the trooper to stay in this area, and able to decrease (-1) the enemy's Btl Deployment Deployment capacity (refer video).

Recommended for Helm Spy Spy or any Gen Knife Melee Shock Trooper since they are more easily to reach the enemy deployment zone compared to Gen Sniper Rifle Sniper Rifle and Gen Rocket Launcher Launcher troopers.



Next is a video of occupation being used on the battlefield. Note that the enemy's Btl Deployment Deployment capacity is 4 but only 3 troopers are deployed. In this way occupation is similar to Gen Ability Reverse Attack.

Minitroopers, Occupation

Minitroopers, Occupation

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