Nimble Fingers
Nimble Fingers


Levels 1+.


<Trooper> operates Weapon twice as quickly and Loads his weapon 2 shells at a time.


Always (passive).


"That Jackson does my head in, showing off with his 60 phalanges..."

Nimble Fingers is a passive Gen Ability Ability. Once acquired the Btl Troopers Trooper will reload all of his weapons 2 cartridges at a time, effectively cutting the reload time in half.

Nimble Fingers is notably useful when used with Wpn Pistol Dual Pistols or the Wpn Double-Barrelled Shotgun Double-Barrelled Shotgun. However, it is useless with one-round weapons, which includes most Gen Rocket Launcher Rocket Launchers and other Gen Shotgun Shotguns.

Additionally, players claim that Nimble Fingers speeds up 'weapon operation', some say as much as +100%. However, just what 'weapon operation' entails or how this could be confirmed is still unknown.
Minitroopers Nimble Fingers

A scout reloading CK-Magellan in a shorter time.

This skill can be a very good replacement for Item Loader Loader (which takes an equipment slot). The only tradeoff is that it's not as fast as Loader when dealing with weapons that have large magazines, such as Gen Gatling Machine Guns. On the other hand, Small Initiative Initiative boosts may be able to negate this tradeoff.


  • Phalanges are the correct word for fingers.(Source)
  • The French name, "Doigts-Agiles", isn't much different and can be roughly translated as "agile fingers".


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