Level 6


Reloads munitions for a teammate when reinforcements arrive. One per level-up. Doubles the frequency of use of grenades.


New wave (level-based) and passive (always).


"The human bomb, you've got that job wrapped up! There's even a place in your heart for the detonator!"


King of Boules



Helm Munitions Munitions is an unlockable helmet (i.e. Specialization or class) for Btl Troopers Troopers to acquire. Its distinct active Gen Ability Ability is resupplying ammunition of several friendly troopers deployed once a wave is over. For each level-up a munitionman is able to perform one additional resupply, resulting in prolonged combat abilities of his squad mates. Thus at level 6 up to 5 resupplies can be made. For this reason 3-4 munitionmen are an invaluable addition to any serious rat fighting army. Upon use, a cartridge counter appears above every resupplied unit, showing how many have been acquired in total.

This class also boosts Gen Grenade Grenade use frequency. Anecdotal evidence shows that it works globally, i.e. not just the munitionman himself but all of your troops can throw all sorts of grenades twice as often even if the skill owner is not deployed in person.

Screen Resupply

Resupplying extends beyond default ammunition stocks.

Here's how resupplying works exactly. The weapon bar on the trooper's in-battle sheet has two bars. The top one shows how many rounds can be loaded into a gun at a time ("Capacity" is the name), and how many actually are at the moment. The bottom one shows the total amount of rounds the dummy gets equipped with, more often than not a random number not bigger than capacity will be subtracted from the total amount and loaded to start with. The rest ammo in the bar is considered spare just to be loaded later when the gun's empty, and so the total amount equals spare ammunition plus loaded rounds. That's pretty much maximum. The resupplying, however, adds a certain number to spare ammo, leaving loaded ones intact. That way the trooper can have more spare ammunition stocked than initially possible.


  • Veh Truck Vehicles can't get resupplied from a munitionman.
  • When an enemy Gen Ability Survivor gets up, he is resupplied. Same with troopers who have Gen Ability Crybaby.
  • Allied bibi le clown is resupplied by the end of the wave, although it has no weapons, just as rats.

This happens due to the ability working on any entities present on the battlefield, it can't tell troopers, rats, and bibis apart, as they shouldn't be alive by the time the new wave is deployed in the first place, hence the glitch.


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