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Levels 1+.


The motorbike takes you to within range of the first target.

Dpl. Cost:



5 Small Health Points.



Weapon Systems:



Once at the start of battle (~30/35%).


"Does is not scare you to always be first to charge the enemy?
– Oh no, what really hacks me off is the number of flies I swallow en route.


Pilot Skill Fall Guy On point Suspicious

Screen Biker Gang

Veh Motorcycle Motorcycle is an unlockable unarmed Veh Truck Vehicle, capable of sustaining 5 Small Health Pointss of Life Points Damage. It's used occasionally at the start of the battle, delivering the Btl Troopers trooper within firing Range of his equipped weapon of choice and granting him extra Small Initiative Initiative. The motorcycle is fairly common and costs no Btl Deployment Deployment Points. Like all vehicles, the motorcycle does not use an Equipment slot, so it is a good addition to any trooper. The greatest effect can be achieved by utilizing it for Assault or Shock Trooper tactics. Troopers with the Helm Pilot Pilot specialization and this skill will ride into battle almost 100% of the time.

The position where the trooper will dismount depends on the maximum Small Range Range of the weapon equipped at the start of the battle. However, if the weapon of choice is Btl Sabotage Sabotaged, the driver will abandon the motorcycle immediately, as if deploying on foot, then the trooper will switch weapons and, if necessary, start advancing. The skill Gen Ability Suspicious can prevent this from happening.

Enemies with Small Initiative Initiative can fire before the driver has a chance to dismount. However, interception of the vehicle with initiative boosted is somewhat rare. Like all troopers, any motorbike driver dragged in by an enemy's Item Binoculars Binoculars skill will be a sitting duck for some time before being able to move.

If an enemy Spy infiltrates the wave, the trooper will dismount as soon as the spy is in range, effectively countering the spy thanks to the Initiative boost. However, this also means that the biker can't counter any potentially dangerous troopers on the other side of the battlefield, such as snipers.

Testing is under way to determine chances of deployment. See Talk Page.


  • Upon starting to blink before disappearing, Motorcycles used by an army deploying from the right side of the screen, with a trooper jumping off, will turn back to the right instead of staying the direction they were.
  • Even though motorcycle deployment boosts Small Initiative Initiative, if the driver occasionally drives around the battlefield failing to find correct spot to deploy and running out of Initiative, the enemies are capable of shooting and destroying these vehicles before the driver dismounts, causing him Fall Damage.
  • If the Motorcycle is hit by poison and reaches zero HP, it will continue to drive around and enemies will stop targeting it, though the driver will never dismount, and if all allies are killed, it will disappear when reinforcements arrive or the battle is lost.


Tease Wheeled MG
  • Promotional and design images illustrate motorcycles armed with a Wpn Pintle-Mounted Machine Gun Fixed Machine Gun. However, the final version does not feature any armaments. The only feasible explanations are the motorcycle's low durability, which would result in almost certain destruction in any firefight, or simply a desire to tease the players.


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