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Welcome to the MiniTroopers Wiki, a resource aiming to create the most explicit database on MiniTroopers.

The game is full of mysteries and there is a great portion of game mechanics and stills to be researched. Feel free to contribute to any of Ongoing Projects. Or see for yourself which articles might lack editor attention.

We hope you can find what you are looking for here. If there is anything in need of improvement but you don't have the time to spend tending to it yourself, please don't be shy, leave a comment or two and we can look into it for you.
? If you need help regarding the wiki, message any of the admins on their talk pages.
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Design frame poll.png

Design frame skills.png

Design background movie.png
Sprite Soldier Olive PAS toss Grenade.png
Sprite Pilot Olive Talkie-Walkie mirrored.png
Sprite Munitions RedBrick AR load.png
Sprite Grunt Short RedBrick Dead sneak mirrored.png
Sprite Saboteur Olive Bandaged Tuck'n'Roll rappel mirrored.png
Sprite Soldier Orange Scavenger.png
Sprite Scout Navy Minigun reload mirrored.png
Sprite Soldier Olive AR kneel.png
Sprite Scout Purple VoodooDoll mirrored.png

Design frame equipment.png

Design example trooper file.png
Confused whether you should fight a particular army after seeing some weird stuff to the left of a trooper? Take a look what's what down here:
Design sheet equipment.png
Item Explosive Shells.gif
Item Hydroshock Shells.gif
Item Toxic Shells.gif
Item Paralysing Shells.gif
Item Armor-Priercing Shells.gif
Item Grenade.gif
Item Fragmentation Grenade.gif
Item Grenade Benie.gif
Item Black Hole Grenade.gif
Item Flashbang.gif
Item Gas Grenade.gif
Item Shock Grenade.gif
Item Glue Grenade.gif
Item Clown Grenade.gif
Item Healing Grenade.gif
Item Barrel Extension.gif
Item Biped.gif
Item Compensator.gif
Item Heat Sensor.gif
Item Laser Sights.gif
Item Amphetamine Shot.gif
Item Wife Beater.gif
Item Loader.gif
Item Thermos of Coffee.gif
Item Twinoid.gif
Item Rucksack.gif
Item Binoculars.gif
Item Radio.gif
Item Talky-Walky.gif
Item Scavenger.gif
Item Voodoo Doll.gif
Item First Aid.gif
Item Heavy Armor.gif
Item Bulletproof Vest.gif
Item Full Metal Balactlava.gif
Item Lucky Charm.gif
? Don't forget that a single unit has room for only three items, except for auto-generated troops.

Design frame skills.png

Soldier.jpg Skill Doctor.png Pilot.gif MunitionsIcon.jpg Scout.gif Spy.gif Skill Comms. Officier.png Saboteur.gif Pistol.png Revolver.gif Skill Desert Eagle.png Skill Beretta.png Skill Dual Pistols.png Shotgun.gif SemiAutoShotgunIcon.jpg Skill Double-Barrelled Shotgun.png Pump Action Shotgun.gif Scattergun.gif Skill Assault Rifle.png
M16.jpg Skill AK47.png Skill FAMAS.png Thompson.jpg UMP.jpg Skill Bazooka M1.png Rocket Launcher.gif Skill Bazooka M25.png Infernaltube.jpg Skill Comanche Auto.png Heavy machine gun.gif Skill Gatling Gun.png Minigun.jpg Sniper2.jpg MOS-TEK.jpg LizaroJungle.jpg SparrowHawk.jpg Skill CK-Magellan.png Knife.gif
Skill Explosive Shells.png Hydroshock Shells.gif Skill Armor-Piercing Shells.png Skill Charge.png Skill Fists of Fury.png Skill Grenade.png Skill Fragmentation Grenade.png Skill Grenade Benie.png Skill Black Hole Grenade.png Unforgiving-Icon.jpg Skill Faceboot.png Wrestler-Icon.jpg Skill Anatomy.png Skill Barrel Extension.png Skill Biped.png Skill Blind Fury.png Smart icon.jpg Skill Cold Blooded.png Skill Compensator.png
Skill Covering Fire.png Skill Heartbreaker.png Skill Heat Sensor.png Laser Sights-Icon.jpg King of Boules.gif Skill Eye of the Tiger.png Vicious.PNG Skill Adrenaline.png Skill Amphetamine Shot.png On point.gif Wife Beater.gif Loader.png Thermos of Coffee-Icon.jpg Skill Frenetic.png Hurry-Icon.jpg Hyperactive.gif Juggler.jpg Last Mohican.gif Tailgunner icon.jpg
Nimble Fingers.gif Nervous.gif Skill Bounce Back.png Rush.gif Sprinter icon.jpg Skill Death Grip.png Survival Instinct.gif Stamp.gif Trigger Happy.gif Twinoid.gif Unshakable2.jpg VendettaIcon.jpg Zigzag.gif Skill Enthusiastic.png Rucksack.gif Skill Binoculars.png Skill Commander.png Out of Bounds.gif Occupation.gif
Radio.gif Reverse Attack.gif Skill Saviour.gif Restless.gif Talky-Walky.gif Skill Battle-Ready.png Martyr.gif Paralysing Shells-Icon.jpg Toxic shells.png Scavenger.gif Skill Flashbang.png Skill Gas Grenade.png Shock Grenade-Icon.jpg Skill Glue Grenade.png Voodoo Doll.gif Skill Bait.png Huge Calves.gif Skill Brick S---house.png Skill Camouflage.png
Skill Commando.png TakeCovericon.jpg Invincible.gif Suspicious.gif Skill Dodger.png Skill First Aid.png Skill Friendly Fire.png Heavy Armor.gif Skill Hard Boiled.png Heavyweight.gif Interception.gif Skill Bulletproof Vest.png Skill Full Metal Balaclava.png Lucky Charm.gif Sturdy.gif Survivor.gif Tuck 'n' Roll.gif Skill Crybaby.png Skill Fall Guy.png
Skill Clown Grenade.png Skill Healing Grenade.png MotorCycle icon.jpg Light tank.gif Heavy Tank.gif Helicopter.gif Jet.jpg
Workshop is open for business! 08:13, January 25, 2012 (UTC)
With the front page overhauled for the most part, there is a new section to accommodate creative players. The Workshop now features the Video Gallery and the Image Gallery. The Sprite Gallery will be getting content shortly. Show off some montages and they may be featured on the front page! Fine graphic works will find their way into relevant articles. Don't like this particular news? Stop by the Discussion Page.



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