Levels? 13+.


When <trooper> dies, up to 5 reinforcements join, with +150 Initiative.


When the owner of this skill dies.


"Vasquez is down! Revenge!"

Martyr is a rare unlockable Gen Ability Ability. Upon death of the Btl Troopers Trooper, 5 more troopers may deploy immediately with +150 Small Initiative Initiative.

The skill's mechanism is next:

== if Martyr-owner dies, but his team has 5 or more troopers on the field - no next troopers will appear. Instead of that 5 troopers, presenting on that moment on the field (in order of their default deploying) gain boost +150 Small Initiative Initiative.

== If Martyr-owner dies, but his team has less then 5 troopers on the field (for example, 2 or 3) - all his teammates, presenting on the field, gain boost +150 Small Initiative Initiative. Missing number of fighters immediately come on the field, with +150 Small Initiative Initiative too.

== If Martyr-owner dies and he was the last in current wave - only in this case deploy 5 next troopers with +150 Small Initiative Initiative.

Thus, Martyr works only for 5 deploying points.

Also need to notice, that Martyr triggers once per battle. If you have in team 2 troopers with this skill - triggers only first of them.


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