Item Lucky Charm Lucky Charm
Lucky Charm


Levels 1+


A fatal shot will still leave <Trooper> with 1 Life Point instead of dying.


Passive (once).


"What a stroke of luck, the shrapnel got stuck in my rabbit's foot!"

Counter to (once):

Skill Anatomy Skill Heartbreaker Hydroshock Shells

Countered by:

Toxic shells Skill Gas Grenade

Item Lucky Charm Lucky Charm is an unlockable low-tier Small Equipment Animated Equipment, which can be used in one of the three equipment slots available for each Btl Troopers Trooper. Once equipped, it prevents deaths due to various reasons, but only works once per battle.

It's not as effective against automatic weaponry, explosives (due to fall damage), rat wrestling or Poison, all of which make it not a worthwhile skill to pick.

It combos well with Bounce Back, as a hit from an explosion or knockback that would kill the trooper will not only spare him, but allow him to counterattack, as the first hit will just reduce his Small Health Points HP to 1 and the fall damage will be negated. It will even work when the trooper is poisoned, as long as he can shoot back before the Initiative Boost ends. For this purpose, a fast (<100 Small Recovery Recovery) and long-range weapon is suggested.


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